Emergency Leave Messages for Family Problems


Dear sir, I just received a call from my home informing me of an emergency. I am afraid I am unable to disclose the nature of it but I am literally panicking right now. I have to quit work and rush to my home to attend to the situation before it gets worse. I am sorry for causing you inconvenience today. I promise I will make it up to you tomorrow.


Dear boss, I am writing this message to inform you that an emergency has cropped up at home for a family problem we have been facing since last week. My uncle from out of town has arrived home. I have to attend to him urgently at home before it gets worst. Kindly accept this message as my formal apology note and application for taking leave for the day.


Dear sir, my mother just called me to call me home for an emergency family crisis. As her oldest son, I have to be there and help her resolve the matter. I have no other option but to leave for the day and I promise I will get back tomorrow and complete the tasks.


Dear ma’am, please accept this message as my formal application for leave for today as I have a family emergency to attend to right away. My father is distributing his inheritance will and as his eldest son, he needs my assistance in this. Kindly allow me to leave for the day before he gets upset. I will complete all the tasks tomorrow.


Dear sir, on Christmas, all my siblings gathered at my place. I just received a call from my wife that a serious fight has broken at my house between my family members and my kids are scared to see that. I have to rush to attend to the problem and fix it before someone calls the police. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Dear sir, my wife just called me to update me on my mother’s health who has been on a ventilator for over a week now. The doctors have advised us to take it down and need my signatures on the papers to do that. Kindly allow me to leave right now so it could be done, and I shall be back tomorrow with new energy to complete the tasks.


Dear boss, I apologize for the inconvenience, but my family needs my presence badly as there has been an emergency at home. Kindly allow me to leave before the situation gets worse. I hope you will accept this message and not penalize me for ghosting you like this. Thank you!

Emergency leave message for family problem