Apology Message for Leave without Permission


I sincerely apologize for taking leave without taking your permission and submitting any application. All this happened because of an unforeseen situation and I got a call from my son’s school to pick him up immediately. He had got unconscious, and, in a hurry, I could not inform you. I did not know that I will take uninformed leave on that day. As evidence, some necessary files are attached with this message detailing my uninformed leave. I apologize for the disruption caused due to my actions. In the future, I will refrain from doing such actions. Thanking you in anticipation for your understanding and support.


Hope you find this message in good spirits. I had been given a warning notice from the HR office for taking leave without permission. This message serves in response to the answer to the warning, and I want to clarify things with you. My father had got severe injuries in a road accident, and I had to leave the office in a hurry as I received an emergency call. I was so worried at that time that I forgot to inform anyone. He is still in critical condition and has been kept in the intensive care unit. I apologize for not handling the circumstances well and pledge you to take back the warning. I promise that in the future such inattention will not occur.


I humbly seek an apology from you for three days’ leave without submitting any prior message and taking your permission on [mention date]. I was not in a good condition due to joint pain and high fever and could not let you know about the situation. The doctor’s statement has been attached to this message as proof. My sudden absence has caused inconvenience in the office, and I am sorry for this. Thank you for your compassion and support. I will remain indebted to you for this.


This is to humbly inform you that I am working as a sales manager in the accounts department of ABC Organization. This message is an apology regarding my unplanned leave on [mention date] without bringing it to your notice. I was supposed to inform you that day but the situation I was in did not give me a second to let you know. My wife was 37 weeks pregnant, and she fell from the stairs. I got an emergency call from the hospital and in a hurry, I had to leave. I understand that my sudden leave has caused a lot of disruption, but I am hopeful you will understand and forgive me for the same. However, I assure you that in the future such an act will not happen.


I am submitting my sincere apologies for not making it to the office on [mention date] as expected of me. I know that this has become a source of inconvenience and creates disruption for the entire team in the office. I remained absent due to a knee injury on my way to the office and could not inform you timely. Enclosed is the written documentation by the doctor and remorse over my actions. I hope things have been clear to you now but in the future, I will remain cautious. Thanks a lot for your kind support and compassion.


Kindly take this message as an apology for my leave on [mention date]. I remained absent as my best friend’s mother had passed and I had to travel to another city. I was in so much shock that I forgot to leave a message for you. I admit that this was wrong of me, and it has disturbed the workplace environment. I had always remained an efficient and regular employee and never took leave without informing but I hope that you will forgive me this time. I would be obliged to you for this support.


This message is being written to seek an apology from you for taking leave without informing you and giving any prior notice. This happened due to unfavorable circumstances as my right arm had been burnt due to intense heat stroke and I remained admitted to hospital for two days. I was not in a condition to inform you timely. Now I am moving towards recovery and have been discharged. I hope you will understand the condition I was in and will accept my apology.

Apology message for leave without permission