Warning Message to Student for Fee Submission


This message serves as a warning to you for not submitting your college dues for February, March, and April. You were supposed to submit your dues before [mention date] but you are delaying it. The school administration has sent you a gentle reminder but you did not take it seriously. We contacted your parents but they also did not provide a satisfactory answer. All this has compelled us to issue this warning notice.

If any student fails to meet the school’s discipline criteria, then it can lead to his dismissal from the institution. You are a brilliant student and we regard you, we gave you enough time to submit your dues. Kindly take this message as a serious warning and submit the dues within five working days. Failure to comply with this will bear severe consequences. If you are facing a problem, then please let the school principal know about this. You will have our sheer support.


Dear student, you are requested to take this message as a warning for non-payment of dues. On [mention date], your second term is starting and you need to submit the fee before the end of the first term. If you do not cooperate with us then you will be suspended immediately. The college administration will also not award you a character certificate for breaching its rules. If there is a financial issue that is letting you delay the fee submission, then contact our focal person. You will be accommodated in the best way possible.


This is to bring to your notice that your three months’ school dues are pending. After giving you many gentle reminders we are sending you a warning note. You have not been responding to any of our queries for the past two months. Before taking any prompt action against you, this is a final warning message to you. You are hereby advised to clear the dues before [mention date].

After the due date, your name will be struck off and you will not be allowed to enter the school premises. I know this is a hard step to do but you have left us with no choice. We often do not provide much time to any student but seeing your previous record we are giving you an edge. I hope you will meet the school requirements and will pay your dues on time.


I hope this message finds you well. This message serves to warn you of non-payment of school dues. You have been paying dues for the past few months after the due date which is strictly against our school’s policy. The school administration warned you many times for your negligence but you did not take it seriously. Last month you did not submit the fee and this is a last warning to you to take serious consideration of this matter. It can also result in expelling you from the class. You are hereby advised to clear the dues within five days. If you do not submit the fees, then we will act accordingly.


Please be informed that after thorough consideration this message has been sent to you for violating our policies. As per the school’s policy, you can submit the dues before [mention date]. If for some reason a student is unable to pay the dues then he can report to the admin office. Neither you submitted dues for the past two months nor did you inform anyone.

There is an outstanding payment of $ 10,000 for your semester fee. You have been sent many notifications by our accounts team but you did not pay heed to it. You need to keep this thing in mind that such negligence can impact your future badly. It will also affect your studies and you will not be allowed a character certificate. To avoid all this, you have to pay the fees before [mention date]. I hope you will not disappoint us.


This message has been sent to you by ABC School’s principal to bring to your notice that there is three months fee due to you. You are hereby warned to not ignore the message and submit the dues as soon as possible. Every student must submit school fees before the due date but you are negating our warnings. You did not let anyone know the reason for doing so.

Warning Message to Student for Fee Submission