Excuse Message of Absence for an Important Matter


With due respect, this is to state that I will be on leave from [mention date] due to an important matter. My wife’s open heart surgery is planned within three days and I have fastened her reports with the message. I discussed the matter with you in our last meeting and Merry Louis consented to examine my work report. He will publish articles on my behalf and I have shared all important with him. He will also assist you in making an annual budget report that needs immediate attention. Hence, my absence will not be burdensome for you. If you have any concerns then please let me know. Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me. I am looking forward to your positive response.


I humbly apologize in advance for letting you know of my absence on short notice. I had to attend my daughter’s graduation ceremony and will leave for New York tomorrow. I had forgotten about it completely but I received my daughter’s reminder email today. I know you might be offended by it but I cannot miss the ceremony. I will remain in contact with my team leader and will respond to urgent queries. I have completed 70% tasks of this month and the rest will be accomplished upon coming back to work. I am already indebted to you for enhancing my dexterous and making me confident. I hope you will allow me three days’ leave.


This message serves to inform you that on [mention date], I cannot attend the office. I excuse in advance for informing you a day before. I have to go for a follow-up as I have an appointment with DR. Luther, a dermatologist at ABC Hospital. There is an important business meeting on that day and I have to present the introductory part. I know this news will be a source of disturbance for you but I have talked to Mr. Mandel to present it on my behalf. I have waited for long to get the appointment and I cannot miss it. Moreover, after [mention date], Dr. Luther will be out of the country to attend a seminar. I hope you will understand my situation and will do me a favor.


Please accept my excuse note for making a leave on [mention date] due to an urgent situation. I was badly stuck in a family matter that needed an immediate solution. In a tense situation, I forgot to inform you. I have not shown such carelessness during my three years period and I am apologetic for this. I always let you know before time but believe my situation was out of my hands. I know this has caused a lot of inconveniences and our sales target also gets affected by it. I assure you to compensate the target loss in a short time. You have always stood by me through thick and thin and cared for your employees. I am sorry once again for not letting you know timely.


I humbly seek your permission for two days’ leave as I have to attend an international seminar. I am doing PhD along with my current job and I have to present my paper on [mention date]. There is also a deadline for my project submission that day but I am sorry that I cannot make it on time. If I do not attend this seminar, then it will impact overall on my grades. I am conscience-stricken for causing you disturbance. I will be highly obliged to you for favoring me. I need your support during this time. Thanking in anticipation.


I hope you have been doing well. With this message, I want you to know that from [mention date] to [mention date] I will not come to work. Some of my father’s duty is disputed and the case hearing is starting tomorrow. All my siblings are gathering and my participation is also necessary for signature purposes. We are leaving for Brooklyn tomorrow and I assure you that I will get back to work after resolving the matter. I will remain available for online assistance during this time. Thank you for your kind consideration of my leave request.

Excuse Message of Absence for Important Matter