Leave Message to Boss for Child Checkup


This message intends to ask for a day’s leave as I have to get my daughter checked by the doctor. She is having an allergy and suffers from stomach aches. I have taken her to many doctors but it could be of no use as the actual cause of the illness was unknown. Yesterday, she has been diagnosed with gastroenteritis after blood tests. Today is her appointment with a specialist. I am in dire need of today’s leave for appropriate treatment. I am looking for a kind response from you.


With due respect, this message has been proposed as a formal request for one day’s leave. My elder son is enduring whooping cough, a contagious disease, prevalent nowadays. I am worried a lot about my son’s health and want the best medical treatment for him. Today is his appointment with a child specialist and I have to take him to the hospital. Due to this, I cannot find time to come to work. I request you to please handle my workload for today. I will let all the pending tasks be done when I will be back to work. I need you at this toughest hour. I hope you will understand my worries and will approve my leave.


I am writing this message to inform you that my son is vomiting since last night and has a high temperature and cold cough. His situation is not getting better in spite of all medication. He needs proper treatment and I cannot do this with my job. I need three days’ leave in this regard in order to schedule an appointment with a child specialist. I would be thankful to you for allowing me to leave for the said period. Thank you for your kind gesture.


With humble submission, I am stating this message for leave from college. My daughter got a foot injury during a race competition at her school. There is no male member at home except me to take her to the doctor. She is unable to walk and in great pain. As a father, I cannot tolerate seeing her in pain; therefore, I want two days’ leave to get her all the X-rays and check done. Kindly accept my request and grant me two days’ leave.


Respected Madam, hope everything is good on your side. Please be informed that my daughter is having a high temperature due to weather fluctuations. I cannot go away from her unattended as she wants me all the time at this time. I have booked today’s appointment with a specialist and I cannot attend the office. Please understand my situation and grant me a favor.


hope you find my message in a jovial mood. This message is a plea for seven days’ leave due to unfavorable circumstances. My son met with a serious accident last night and today is his surgery. Therefore, it is not possible for me to come to the office daily. I need a few days’ leaves in this regard and I hope that you will accept my request. Thanking in anticipation.


Dear Sir, I want one week’s leave as I need to properly look after my year daughter who has fallen seriously ill. She is vomiting continuously and suffering from a high fever. I feed her and cannot leave her alone with the maid. Today I have to get her checked in ABC Hospital. I cannot attend classes unless she recovers completely. I had talked to Inshal in this regard and she is willing to handle my workload for a week. Being a mother, you can have an idea of the stress I have been passing through. Please accept my request and sanction me seven days’ leave.


With a heavy heart, I am proposing this message to let you know about the poor health of my son. Yesterday, he got fainted and fell in the class. After taking him to the hospital doctors informed him that there is a small blood clot in his brain and he needed immediate treatment. He has his surgery on [mention date] and he will remain there admit for a week. Today I have to take him to a neurosurgeon and he will recommend some tests. During this time, I cannot think of coming to the office. I request you to please sanction me two weeks’ leave. I make certain that after resuming my duties I will work an extra hour daily. Thank you.

Leave Messages to Boss for Child Checkup

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