Reprimand for Gossiping at the Workplace


This reprimand has been sent to you for your overindulgence in chewing the way with your colleagues. You should have learned basic workplace ethics and every organization wants its employees to behave in a certain way. I do not know how you manage to think apart from work as the immense workload does allow this. You have one hour break time to have a chat with your friends but during office hours we do not allow this. You might be getting my tone offensive but anyone involved in breaking the company’s policy will be reprimanded. The time you spent gossiping can be utilized in executing tasks. This is also affecting your colleague’s performance.

Due to this, we are issuing you a reprimand note and you must tighten your collars. Be attentive and focus your energy on work. I hope you will understand the core point of this message.


Dear Steward, the subject of this message is to reprimand you for your nonsense attitude at the workplace. It has been observed that you tittle-tattle with Miss Jane all the time. This is delaying the tasks and many projects still need considerate attention. By doing so, you are not only causing inconvenience to your colleagues but also violating the company’s policies. Your colleagues have reported that you divert their attention which results in poor performance.

I had told you many times that this can put you on probation period but you did not listen. Next time, if you are caught doing so then you will be dealt with strictly. We have devised some policies for our workers and following them is mandatory for everyone. Hoping to see a good change in you.


This has come to my notice that you are involved in gossiping with your colleagues on the office premises. I have personally investigated the matter and then come up with the decision of issuing you a reprimand message. You talked bad about Miss Georgia which has hurt her sentiments. We care for all of our employees and consider it obligatory to respect their privacy. you have made Miss Georgia perplexed in executing work tasks.

You have to correct your behavior and please adopt the qualities of a professional employee. You have knocked on the bad door and we warn you to be within your limits. Kindly avoid gossiping and utilize your time in making good career opportunities.


Kindly take this message as a reprimand note for non-compliance with office rules. you have been accused of gossiping which bears negative impacts. This is hazardous for your career and can dislocate you from your current position. To you it is normal but the people around you get very irritated and I am receiving complaints daily concerning this. It is unprofessional to interfere in your colleague’s matters and hurt their tenderness. This behavior was not expected from you as I always found you resilient and committed to work. It would be good for you if you focus on your weak points. For any assistance, you can take my help.


This message has been penned down for your immoral gossiping act. We do not allow our workers to sabotage the workplace environment by spreading negativity. You do not know how bad consequences gossiping bears that make others feel down-graded and embarrassed. We have zero places for unprofessional workers. Please take this message as a last warning and tie up your shoes. We do not give vent to such incidents. I want to see a good change in you after this. Please feel free to discuss anything as I will be happy to make you choose the right track.

Reprimand for Gossiping at the Workplace

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