Sick Leave Messages for Various Reasons


It is really sad and hard to convey to you that it is impossible for me to make it to work. I am apologetic for causing this sudden inconvenience. There were going many problems in my home and I could not handle the situation. It resulted in a nervous breakdown and now I am admitted to the hospital. I have been advised by the doctor to not take any stress whether it is of work or any other thing. I want two weeks’ leave to come out of this depressing phase. I hope that you will understand my occasional state and keeping in view above mentioned scenario you will allow me to leave for the said period. Your favor will prove great moral support to me.


I woke up this morning with a severe headache, fever, cough, and flu. I cannot come to the workplace today because of this ailment. It is my humble request to you to sanction me two days’ leave so may I have proper rest and treatment. I assure you that after coming back to the office I will try to accomplish pending tasks on the earliest basis. I will keep you updated via email about my health. For your convenience, the doctor’s advising note is attached with this message.


This message has been penned down to let you know about my bad health. I have got some injuries due to a road accident and having body pains and fever now. After initial treatment, the doctor advised me to take five days of complete rest till it got recovered. I hope that my absence will not disrupt you as I have accomplished all the major tasks of this week. I need your favor in this matter and I am hopeful you will assist me. I request you to allow me to leave for a week. I will be highly obliged to you.


Dear Madam, I am writing this message to inform you that I have been seriously ill due to falling downstairs. My ankle has been sprained and I hardly move now. I am admitted to ABC hospital and they will not discharge me until I get to recover. Hence, due to ailment, it is not possible for me to attend office. Therefore, I request you to please give me two weeks’ leave. Hope you have understood my circumstances well. My x-ray report and copies of some other reports are affixed with this message. Your cooperation will be of great favor to me.


Dear Sir, I am writing this message to let you know about my leave from the workplace for three days. I have been marked with cough, flu, and high fever. In this ailment, I cannot come to the workplace. As soon as I get better, I will be back to work with more energy and enthusiasm. I know my sudden leave will cause inconvenience and I am really sorry for this. I will never forget your cooperation. Thank you.


It is stated with the humble request that I cannot take my classes for two weeks as I have got foot injury and sprained ankle. I along with my colleague was on the way home when our car collided with another car coming in opposite direction. I could not handle the breaks and it resulted in severe injuries on both sides. I have been on complete bed rest as cannot move even a single step. I have got many blemishes, redness, and swelling. I request you to kindly grant me leave for two weeks. I know that my students will suffer a lot but you do not need to worry as I have completed the entire syllabus. Monthly assessment tests can be taken by Mr. George who is an excellent teacher and coordinator. Thank you for understanding me.


This message serves to elucidate to you about my leave. I have been on seasonal flu and fever and getting difficulty breathing. Since yesterday, due to predominating weather conditions, my health has been more problematic than before. I have an appointment with a doctor in this regard and he has asked me to go for some tests. I need proper rest in this condition and I request you to give me five days’ leave as I have been stunned by weakness. I hope that my leave request will be comprehended.

Sick leave message