Warning Letter to Employee for Financial Loss


Dear Alice, this letter serves to reprimand you for making the organization go through the financial crisis. Your negligence created inescapable circumstances and we lost an important business deal. Our organization works on the principle of tranquility and wants its employees to behave professionally. We provide no room for negligence and have designed some policies to carry out smooth work performance.

I was informed through reliable resources that your amateurish way of dealing with our co-partner ended in financial loss. He has been a partner with us for a long time and we had invested a lot in this deal. It was very heartrending for me to lose such a valuable client. He was not satisfied with the services you provided. The company is already going through a financial crisis and your mismanagement added more fuel to the fire.

If you are caught doing so the same next time then without any prior notice you will be expelled. Kindly take this message as a last warning and I hope you will behave professionally.


This letter is an official warning to you for bearing the company’s big financial loss. For the past few weeks, you are not deliberating your duties honestly and I warned you many times for this. Despite numerous verbal warnings you seem to be not affected at all and I am writing this warning note for the same. We went through a big loss because of your negligence. You were handed over the task of ensuring the safe transfer of products.

We received many complaints from customers that they did not get the desired products. I was not expecting this negligent attitude from you. To work in the company you have to follow its policies. I want a good change in your attitude next time.


Dear Steward, with this letter I Intend to warn you of causing the company financial loss. We are very concerned about our company’s progress and deal with any hindrance on its way to success strictly. We demand work ethics and professionalism from our employees and provide them with the best working ambiance.

In a recent monthly evaluation report, I have received many complaints against you. You had to make highlights of our current ABC project for an important international client meeting. I got saddened to know that you missed the meeting that ended up losing an important client. We do not accept such an attitude that disrupts the organization’s reputation.

Your carelessness cannot be justified and we are issuing you a warning note to not repeat the same behavior. You have a better understanding of the organization’s strict policies regarding breaches of policies. I hope you will take this warning seriously.


This warning letter has been sent to you because of your collusion in huge financial loss for the company. Your negligence has put the organization’s progress in question. I always considered you a responsible and honest employee but I was wrong. It seems that you all did it on purpose. We provide our employees with the best and in return demand from them firm determination and honesty.

I am still in shock after going through the monthly cash flow statement. Your job is in great danger as the matter has reached higher authorities and their decision will be final. I am warning you last time to correct yourself and focus on your work.


I am Louis Panther and penning down this message to warn you of your mendacity in bearing the organization’s financial loss. You made us all agonize a lot and involved in great corruption. You were entrusted with the monetary fund’s responsibility of being a truthful and honest employee. By doing so, you not only deceived the company but also unveiled your true intentions. The company’s financial situation is already not stable and upon this, you stabbed it back with your deceitful nature.

You have committed a dishonorable act and we have no room for such employees in our company. Seeing your previous record, we are giving you a last warning to improvise yourself otherwise you will be terminated. Please behave in a professional way and assist the organization in a healthy environment.

Warning Letter to Employee for Financial Loss