Absence Messages to Work due to Child Sickness


Dear Ifrah, I am writing this message to inform you that I will be unable to attend work today as my child is not well. He is having trouble breathing because of a congested nose and sore throat. I have to take him to the hospital to get his medical checkup done before it gets worst. I hope you will understand my situation and not penalize me for this absence.


Dear Sarah, please accept this message as my formal apology for being absent from work today. My son is not feeling well, and his doctor advised me to stay with him, so he feels comforted. He is going through a traumatic experience that I cannot explain to you. I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused you today. I promise to make it up to you tomorrow when I shall get back.


Dear ma’am, with utmost displeasure I would like to inform you that I will not be able to make it to the office today because my child is suffering from food poisoning. As a single father, I have no one to attend to him so I have no option but to take off for the day. I have attached his doctor’s recommendation for bed rest just as medical evidence. I truly appreciate your cooperation and hope I will not have to face any disciplinary action because of this.


Dear Sana, as a father of an only child, I am quite sensitive about my only daughter, and she has fallen seriously ill. I have no other way but to take off for today to look after her as her mother has an important meeting she cannot miss. I hope you will understand my condition as you also have only one child yourself. I promise you I shall return tomorrow and complete today’s and tomorrow’s duties. Thanks!


Dear Hamez, as you know the weather has dramatically changed since last week and children are unable to cope with these changes. My child has fallen sick to this extreme heat we all have been experiencing. I had to take her to the GP last night and he has advised a complete bed rest in a cold place only. Hence, I have to stay home and look after her as my wife is traveling. Kindly accept this message as my formal application for taking off today.


Dear Aida, my son has caught this viral eye infection that’s been infecting the children in the town despite our efforts to keep him intact and far from the public. He is in severe pain. I will have to look after him today as my wife is not feeling well too owing to her pregnancy. Kindly allow me to take the day off.


Dear boss, we have been doing the government-imposed three-day quarantine at home since we got back from vacation two days ago. Unfortunately, today marks the third day of the quarantine and we have no other option but to take leaves from our workplaces for the safety of our colleagues. Therefore, I will not be able to make it to the office today. I hope you will pardon me for this!

Absence Message to Work due to Child Sickness