Son is not Feeling Well Message to Teacher


I am Rose Mary, mother of Valdes, a student in 8th grade in your school. I want to bring in your kind notice that he is suffering from severe headaches and stomachaches for the past week. Yesterday, his condition got worsened, and he was admitted to the hospital. In this condition, it is impossible for him to attend school. Therefore, I request you to sanction him ten days’ leave. He will be back to school once he gets completely fine. His medical report is attached to this message. I would be really kind to you for your cooperation and understanding.


I am the father of Vladimir Hughes who is a 5th-grade student. This message is to let you know that he has got a viral infection yesterday and suffering from fever, cough, and flu. I have taken an appointment with the doctor and will take to the hospital today. He will not be able to attend classes today. It is my humble request to you to allow him to leave for two days. He will be back to school as soon as he gets fine. in case there is any important lecture that is meant to be delivered today, you can email me I will help him prepare the lesson.


Hope things are good at your side. I am Sherwin Bede’s father who studies in grade 9th in your school. We were at a party yesterday where Sherwin got food poisoning. Although we had taken him to the hospital, he still has a weakness, and it will take him a few days to get completely recovered. He cannot attend school in this bad condition. Therefore, it is my request to you let him leave for a few days so he may be able to get complete rest. I am sending a doctor’s report with this message too so may you have look at it. it would be so kind of you for cooperating with him.


Rahul studies in class 8th in your school and he is suffering from headaches since last night. I am his father, Mark Steward, and writing this message to you to inform you about his health. I have this fear that his eyesight is getting weak and for this reason, he often complains of headaches. I will take him to the hospital today therefore it is not possible for him to attend school. Kindly allow him to leave for today and let him sit in tomorrow’s class. Thank you.


It is hereby requested that John Max has fallen seriously ill and is admitted to hospital. He is a student in 6th grade in your school. I am his father and writing this message to let you inform about his health and to ask for three days’ leave. He is not in a condition to attend school due to diarrhea and food poisoning. He will be discharged tomorrow and needs two days’ rest to regain his health. Kindly grant him leave for the above-mentioned period. I will be very thankful to you for this cooperation.


I am Zenith Tom’s mother and writing this message to ask for seven days’ leave for him. Right now, he is having Chicken Pox. As this viral infection gets transmitted to other persons easily so we do not want to make anyone else affected by this. This is better for the safety of other children as well. We have also quarantined ourselves for ten days. As his condition gets better, I will send him back to school. I am hopeful that you will approve my request and will allow him to leave. It would be a sign of a kind gesture from you.


Hope you have been doing great. I am the father of Lewis Maxwell who studies in the 7th class. I want to inform you that he has his eye surgery tomorrow. For this reason, he cannot come to school for regular classes for two weeks. We are hopeful that he will get better in two weeks and after that will join the school. For your convenience, I have attached his medical reports and letter from the doctor along with this message. I request you to please remember him in your kind prayers and pray for my son’s complete recovery. I would be highly obliged to you for sanctioning my request.

Son is not Feeling Well Message to Teacher