Doctor Appointment Request Messages


This message has been written to you requesting an appointment on [mention date] as I have been suffering from food poisoning and stomachache. The past two days have been very tough for me as I vomited the whole day which has made my immune system weak. I took home treatment, but it did not give any relief and got worse. I cannot do even common household chores. I want to let it check to know if there is something serious. It would be your great favor if you make time from your busy schedule to help me out by accepting my appointment request. it is getting very tough for me to carry on with my daily routine. Hope to get positive feedback from you.


I am writing this message to make you a formal request for an appointment on [mention date] at 4:00 pm. It has been three weeks that I have back pain problem and have visited a physician at ABC hospital in this regard. After taking medicine for a few days, he asked me to consult a specialist as I was not getting improved. I would be thankful to you if I find a slot as I am having severe pain. I will bring along previous test results and the physician’s report. If you need more documents, then please let me know via email.


Hope everything is going well around you. I am Jessica Marlin and had an appointment with you on [mention date]. Unfortunately, due to some important work, I had to cancel it and therefore requesting you for an appointment’s rescheduling on [mention date]. I have an important meeting with the CEO of my company on [mention date] and this is the main cause for rescheduling the appointment. I know that it may have caused inconvenience to you, and I am sorry for this. Kindly let me know if I can be checked on the said date. I will highly appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding this.


This message serves to ask for an appointment slot on [mention date] with Dr. Stella. I visited her last week and had joint pains and she had asked me to go for some tests and visit her again with test report results. I am taking this appointment for a review of tests. I will come along with my insurance card, ID badge, and medical record. If there is something missing, then please let me know to bring it along with me on the appointment date. Kindly tell me whether my appointment is confirmed, or if you will reschedule it. Looking forward to having positive reviews from you.


This message serves as having an appointment with Dr. Jonson on [mention date]. I visited him two weeks ago and he had asked me to come again after completing two weeks medicine course. I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and was suggested some tests and medicine. As two weeks have passed, so I want to schedule an appointment again as it is cardinal to examine my tests and condition and treat stomach ulcers in a timely manner. Kindly let me know the time when the doctor will be available and the documents, I had to bring along with me that day.


I am Shalez, and this message is being written in regard to taking an urgent appointment preferably on [mention date]. I am having muscle problems and it seems that my shoulders have been frozen as I am unable to lift my arm now. I face a lot of difficulty in doing office work and this problem is getting worsened day by day. Therefore, I humbly request you to give an ear to my plea for tomorrow’s appointment so may I be cured soon. My contact details have been mentioned below and I am hopeful that I will be given the earliest appointment.


With humble submission, I am writing this message to make a plea for today’s urgent appointment. I have been suffering from migraine for the past two days. I had visited a nearby doctor’s clinic, but it remained the same, so he suggested I must consult a specialist. I feel as if someone is hammering the nails in my head. Therefore, I request you to get it checked today so it can be cured timely. I would be grateful to you for this favor.

Doctor appointment request message