Note to Teacher for Doctor Appointment


Please be informed that I have an appointment with a skin specialist today and I want a half day to leave school today. Due to extremely hot weather, my skin has become sensitive, and I have red spots started growing all over my face which causes severe irritation and a burning sensation. If not treated properly, it can leave permanent patches on my face. I have booked an appointment in this regard, and I will leave by 12:00 pm. It would be a great act of kindness if you allow me half day’s leave.


This is to bring to your kind notice gently that I have an appointment on 12th November with the consultant. You know well that I met with a serious accident and got my back injured badly. I have to go for follow-ups every month to avoid further intricacies. If it is convenient for you then kindly sanction me one day’s leave on 12th November. Hence, I would be able to get checked properly. Thanking you in advance for this favor.


This is to inform you that I am a grade 10th student in your school and having severe headaches due to hypertension for the past two days. I had taken antibiotics, but they did not soothe me and the pain is getting worsened. I need to consult a doctor in this regard and have booked an appointment. I have been given the time on Monday at 11:00 am and I will leave class an hour before the actual time. Your favor will be highly appreciated in this regard.


Respected Madam, I am Alexei Marvin, and have the honor to be your student. This message is to let you know that I have to visit a neurosurgeon tomorrow because of neuropathy. You know well that I got a muscular problem two months ago and taking treatment. This problem needs to be treated on an immediate basis to avoid further illness. I request you to allow me tomorrow’s leave. Thanking you in advance.


I am writing this message to bring to your notice that for the past three days I have been suffering from seasonal flu and high temperature. Due to this, I need to consult the physician and have an appointment today. Therefore, it would not be possible for me to attend school today. I would be very thankful to you if you grant me today’s leave. I assure you that I will cover today’s lesson by taking notes from my classmate.


This message has been written to inform you that I have abdomen cysts and I get myself checked after every two weeks. Tomorrow is my medical checkup and I request you please grant me leave. I have attached copies of my medical record with this message. I hope you will understand my situation well.


As you know well that the city’s climate has changed due to pollution and it has also put drastic impacts on drinking water. It has become the cause of the spreading of many infectious diseases. The school is a large distance from my home, and I have become the victim of contagious viral diseases. I have an appointment with the concerned doctor today and to recover speedily I need two days’ leave as well. I would be grateful to you for giving your consideration to my request.


This message is to inform you that I have been suffering from a high temperature, cough, and flu and it has weakened my body. I am unable to attend school today as I am feeling very low. I have to visit the doctor at 10:00 am for a proper checkup. Therefore, I request you to please allow me today’s leave. it would be great of you.


With due respect, it is stated that today I have an appointment with an eye specialist. For this reason, I want to leave school early so may I get checked in on time. I am done with my today’s English presentation and will ask Ralph, my classmate, to send me all the important notes. I hope that this will not cause any inconvenience to you. My appointment is at 11:00 am and I will leave the school by 10:45 am. I would be very thankful to you for cooperating with me.

Note to teacher for doctor appointment