Apology Letter for Unavailability for Various Situations


I am writing this letter to apologize for not attending the ABC Enterprises meeting scheduled on [mention date]. It was an important business meeting and the participation of every worker was mandatory in it. I was put into such circumstances that no escape was possible from it. I have always been a regular employee and know my professional limits.

My wife was in the third trimester and due to falling down stairs I immediately needed to rush her to hospital. Her situation was very crucial and I remained intensely busy in arranging blood for her. I am sorry for not making my presence at the meeting and not bringing it to your notice timely. Please forgive me for this as it was not intentional.

I hope after going through this message you will understand the situation I was in. I am attaching my wife’s medical certificate with this message. For more details, you can contact me through email. Thank you for always being favorable to me.


Dear Steward, I am apologetic for not making myself available on [mention date] due to an unforeseen situation. I know this was a much-awaited meet-up to discuss our future goals. I noted down all the important points to talk about in the meeting. Unfortunately, I got stuck in a situation that required my prompt attention. Kindly reschedule the plan and let me know through email of your availability.


Respected Sir, please take this letter as an apology for not making my presence on [mention date]. I was given the responsibility of looking through the final arrangements a day before the annual national conference.

I take full responsibility for not reporting to the office and failing in letting my supervisor know about this. This has put a negative impact on you and I do not have words to express my regret over this. I had no idea that things will go unidirectional. My negligence made the entire team suffer a lot.

On [mention date] my blood pressure was way too high and I was taken into emergency immediately. I got a nervous breakdown and remained admitted to the hospital for two days. I remained unconscious for a few days and due to this I could not mark my presence. You know well that I do not execute negligence in my performance and always let you know of any unavoidable circumstances. Kindly forgive me for my non-availability and for discommoding you.


Dear Mr. Amore, please consider this letter as an apology for not being available to you for product delivery. I feel sorry to inform you that the items you want to purchase are out of stock. We were so busy on Christmas that your order got missed and we could not inform you. We tried to find out the product but our system could not refurbish it. Due to all this, you had to go through a lot of nuisance.

We want to let you know with this message that our products are back in stock. We will ensure the fine quality of products if you want to place the order. We are offering you a discount voucher for waiting so long. We have reimbursed the advance money in your bank account for the products you ordered last time.


This letter serves as an apology for not making me available on [mention date]. This has paved the way to unbearable circumstances that made you suffer a lot. My teammates had to face a lot of disruption and I am accountable for this. I did not do it all on purpose as my daughter’s condition was not good.

I got an emergency call concerning my daughter’s accident that resulted in a lot of injuries. In a hurry, I could not let you know. I was engrossed in my daughter’s health and in all innocence, I forgot about the meeting. You can guess my situation and I make certain to go through any such situation in a calm manner next time. I will let the management know timely of the circumstances that do not allow me to attend office.

I humbly beg pardon for not being available. I have always found you benevolent and supportive and I will execute my tasks in a professional way. Thanks a lot for your kind consideration.

Apology Letter for Unavailability for Various Situations