Excuse Message to Boss for not Feeling Well


Dear boss, it is with deep regret I am writing this message to inform you that I cannot come to work today as I am not feeling well. I have been nauseous since last night and despite taking medication, I am still not doing better. It is in my health’s best interest to take the day off and look after myself so I can resume work properly tomorrow. I hope you will co-operate with me in this regard.


Dear boss, kindly accepts this message as my formal note of excuse for not coming today. I have severe aches throughout my whole body and therefore I need to see a doctor immediately. Unfortunately, I am still in the waiting area of the doctor, and it will take the entire day here. Henceforth, I cannot make it to the office today. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Dear Shannon, as you already know I am currently undergoing some medical treatment for my skin problem and today marks the appointment day. Therefore, I will be unable to come to the office today. Kindly accept this excuse message as my formal apology for taking the day off.


Dear Nova, I woke up with a terrible stomach today and despite taking all the necessary measurements, I am still not doing any better. I have checked my database and I still am eligible for 5 more paid leaves. I would like to exercise my right to take one paid leave today. I hope this will not cause you any inconvenience. Thanks!


Dear Ali, on account of diarrhea I am unable to attend work today as it is causing too much weakness for me to handle. However, I am remotely available should you have anything to discuss regarding the work today. I hope you will understand and co-operate with me.


Hi boss, I have caught a skin allergy out of nowhere which is highly contagious. My doctor has advised me to stay home for at least two days or else I will transfer it to my contacts. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest I take a two-day leave today. I hope you will co-operate with me on this and not take any disciplinary measures as this is beyond my control.


Hi Beth, I am writing this excuse message to inform you that I will not be able to attend the office today. Both my throat and nose are congested, and it is getting difficult to even breathe in this condition. Kindly allow me to take one day’s leave so I can take proper care of myself and be able to function well from tomorrow.


Hi Maria, I regret to inform you that I cannot come to the office today as I am experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. Please receive this message as my formal excuse to not come today. I have booked a test to make sure. I promise you I will get back as soon as my result is out.

Excuse Message to Boss for not Feeling Well