Thank Someone for Getting You a Job


Dear James, I am grateful to you for referring me to the ABC Organization. It is because of your sincere efforts that I got the opportunity to be in direct contact with Mr. Luther. The interview session was quite interesting, and it continued for an hour. I received a confirmation email from the department yesterday. I cannot tell you how delighted I am with this great news. I give credit to you, who acted as a mediator and helped me find my dream job. I will never forget your favor. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you, I will always be there for you. Thank you once again for helping me.


Hello Lopakihn, I am George Neil, and I am writing this message as an appreciation note for your tremendous support in finding me a good job. I had never thought that I would get a job at DLD Enterprise. I am immensely thankful to you for helping me out throughout the job process. You did not make me realize that I was living far from my family. You stood like a supporting wall for me and shielded me. I had lost all hopes of finding a good position, but you motivated me and boosted my morale each time I felt down. You proved a true blessing of God to me. Thank you for always being there with me.


I do not know how to pen down a thank you note for your incredible efforts in helping me throughout the job process. You are God’s gift to me; you put me out of the dark and led me towards the light. I cannot pay you back for what you have done for me. Because of you, I found a job in the country’s best organization, which is internationally recognized. Finding a job here is a hard nut to crack, but thanks to you, who made me confident, You will always have my support throughout your life. I am sending a small appreciation gesture your way, and I hope you will love it.


I hope this message finds you in good health. Please consider this message as a small token of appreciation for getting me a job at ABC Company. Thank you so much for your solid reference, which helped me incessantly during the interview process. No doubt passing the interview here is an aggravating procedure, but you did not make me feel like a stranger. I encourage your efforts to find time in your busy schedule to make the entire process smooth for me. You are a wonderful part of my life, and I always adore your friendship. I am looking forward to the day when I will make you proud by working diligently and making our bond stronger.


Kindly accept this message as an acknowledgment of your incessant support. I was in dire need of a good job, and you helped me secure a good post at XYZ Institute. I had lost all hopes of finding my desired job, but your message proved a blessing in disguise for me. It suited my expertise, and I applied for it. Fortunately, I have cleared all the interview processes, and from [mention date], I will join as media manager. Thank you for everything, my dear friend.


I got your job advertisement message at the most appropriate time when I was sending my resume to different institutions. This post never went through my eyes, and having it at the right time proved a blessing for me. I applied for the job, and luckily, I got shortlisted for the interview. The whole process was very nerve-wracking, but I handled it well. I would not have been able to get the job without your assistance. Thanking in anticipation.


I cleared my graduation last month, and I am very fortunate that within a month I got a job in a well-reputed organization. All this happened due to sincere suggestions and support. You extended your helping hand to me when I was in need of it. Thank you for referring me to this position and I applied for the job. I value your efforts in helping me find a good job that suits my personality.

Thank someone for getting you a job

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