Urgent Work Leave Message to Boss


It is a dereliction carried out by me by not informing you of today’s leave as I was fully burdened with an immense workload. Moreover, the busy schedule at the workplace made me forget my monthly checkup for which the appointment has already been made. I woke up today’s morning with a reminder through email and I got to know or else the allocated tasks in Mr. Steward’s absence were on my mind as I was supposed to be sturdy and vivacious in his place. I am hopeful that you will take into account my request.


I feel contrite for an unintended off day from the workplace I want to employ today. I was fully prepared to come to the office but unluckily, yesterday, I fell off the stairs due to dizziness and got multiple injuries. I am still in torment and not even in a position to walk the right way. The extreme cold weather had made the pain more unbearable. The doctor has advised me to take medicine along with a healthy diet and proper rest. I antedate that you will understand my occasional state. Thank you for your understanding and helpfulness.


This message serves as my leave from the workplace today. Since yesterday, I have been dealing with a high temperature, flu, and cold cough and due to it, I could not sleep properly. I had thought to leave a message for you last night, but I was overwhelmed with the ailment totally and could not manage to take notice. I am having an appointment with the doctor today so may I be treated properly and get back to work as I am stunned by feebleness. I am hopeful you will understand my condition and will allow me to leave.


Hope this message reaches you in sound health. I am writing this message with immense grief as I have just received my grandfather’s demise news which has made me really sad. I want to rush to his place in no time as I am still not accepting this gloomy news. I hope you will take it as a genuine reason. I request you to allow me three days’ leave.


This message is to bring to your notice that it will not be possible for me to attend the office today. My father is coming after two years from Manchester and he broke this news all of a sudden. He is arriving at 2:00 pm and I have to receive him up from the airport. The airport is a distance three hour’s drive from my place, so, I will not be able to manage time for the office. I will be grateful to you for approving my leave.


Please be informed that it would be impossible for me to come to the office tomorrow as I have just got the news of my mother’s sudden illness. She has been admitted to the hospital due to heart attack. I am leaving immediately for my native town. I know that you might have got disturbed by my message at this hour but it was my priority to inform you timely. Therefore, instead of calling, I found it suitable to leave a message for you. I hope you will understand my current situation and I request you to allow me urgent leave. I will remain your kindness throughout my life.


Dear Sir, I am writing this message to ask for urgent leave for two days. I woke up today’s morning with 10 inches of water on the ground floor right now we are not guessing from where it is coming. I have called rescue for help and they are arriving in an hour. I am in utmost need of leave as we need to mop up the floor on an immediate basis. I have already ordered pump rent. I have contacted Andrew to handle my tasks and he has agreed to this. I will be very thankful to you for considering my request.


This is to inform you that it is difficult for me to come to the office today. My car had some mechanical fault and I left it at the workshop. I have been there for the last two hours but its work will take 4 hours and then I will be able to leave. I hope that you will understand my critical situation and will allow me urgent leave today.

Urgent work leave message to boss