Message to Ask Someone to be Your Girlfriend


I want to let you know my sincere feelings of love for you. I always cherish the moments we spend together. I love our late-night phone calls that last for hours. I want you to make a permanent part of my life and ask you to be my girlfriend. I have a lot of stuff to discuss with you and need your guidance in every step of my life. Having tea cup in hand we will gossip and will make plans. My life is incomplete with you. I want you to be my date partner and want to spend quality time with you. I hope you will respond positively and I am eagerly looking forward to your response.


We met for the first time in the university corridor when you were talking to your friend. It was a life-changing moment for me and I thought to give my heart to you. Most people do not presume in love at first glance but I fell in love with you. I remember you had worn a long black coat and tight jeans with open hair. You are amazing and I want you to be my girlfriend. This message is to seek your permission to go on a dinner date and will get to know each other. This meeting is very important for me and I want to impress you at any rate. Please accept my request and go on a dinner date with me.


From friends to best friends was the amazing journey of my life with you. I have now started developing feelings for you and I am in love with you. You were by my side when everyone else left me. I cannot thank you enough for all the things you have done so far. I want to prolong my relationship with you and want you to be my girlfriend. I am imagining the moment of our first kiss and the mere thought of it making me amazing. I assure you that we will make thousands of loving memories and I will make your life beautiful. Please let me know if you have accepted my proposal or not. I am looking forward to hearing positive from you.


Hello Steward, I am writing this message to express my deepest love for you. We have been good friends for a long time but now I have started developing feelings for you. I can feel your presence around me all the time. I miss you when you are not around me. Our common interest in many things makes our bond stronger. I feel like you have also felt for me and I want to go far behind in our relationship. I am giving you some time to think about it and then let me know. You are the only girl in my life who deeply cares for me. I want you to be my girlfriend and partner in crime. The decision of giving our relationship a thought solely depends on you. I will wait for your response.


The day we met for the first time was a changing phase in my life. I have observed many alterations in my mood. I have started developing work proficiency and my employer appreciates this. Thinking of you elevates my mood and I go deep into your thinking. Although we have not met yet and you do not know much about me, therefore, I am inviting you for a date. Hence you will be able to have a deep insight into me. I have come to know that you love book reading, swimming, and playing games. You will be surprised to know that I have the same interests. We will have a lot of divergences but I love the fact that we share common opinions. You are my only center of attention and I want you to be my girlfriend. Please let me know soon your thoughts on it.


I am very nervous about seeking your permission of becoming my girlfriend. You had changed my thinking perspective and I am falling in love with you. The world looks better in your mesmerizing company. Please do not take my feelings as an exaggeration as I am very honest in my relationship. I believe that you can make me a better person. Will you be please my date partner? I am anxiously waiting for your reply.

Message to Ask Someone to be Your Girlfriend

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