Request Message to Work from Home due to Pregnancy


I would like to make you a formal request to work from home in my last trimester of pregnancy. I am having pregnancy fluctuations, gestational diabetes, vomiting, and high blood pressure. This happens in high-risk pregnancies and my doctor has forbidden me to travel. I cannot attend the office in such a situation. However, I would like to continue working from home before the start of my maternity leave which will begin on [mention date]. Kindly allow me to work from home from [mention date] onwards. I will remain available via phone calls and email. My medical reports and doctor’s suggestion is attached to this message. I will highly appreciate your cooperation in this regard.


With due respect, it is stated that I am having some pregnancy complications in my second trimester. I know well that the company allows maternity leave only at the end of the last trimester, but I am unable to come to the office on daily basis. Therefore, I am seeking your permission to work from home. Doing work from home will be good for me as I can handle all the tasks easily and I assure you that the quality of work will not be affected at all. I have been forbidden by doctors to travel daily as it is dangerous for the safety of mother and baby. My medical certificate has been attached to this message. You can contact me to ask about this matter further. Looking forward to your positive response.


This message is to inform you that I am 20 weeks pregnant and after yesterday’s examination I have been advised by my doctor to take complete rest till my delivery. My due date is [mention date] and will continue work by the end of this month. From next month, I would like to work from home as I cannot travel daily due to complications. I assure you to deliver my duties with the same motivation and high spirit as I deliver now. For your convenience, the doctor’s prescription and my medical reports are enclosed with this message. I hope you will understand my situation well and will permit me to work from home.


With due respect, it is stated that my first trimester is finishing on [mention date]. Doctors have this fear that there are some health problems, and it might lead to immature birth. To not let this happen, I have been advised to rest completely and avoid traveling. I have been working as a management executive in your organization and as team lead, I have to visit different organizations. With such complications, I cannot continue work by coming on a daily basis. I can continue working from home as it will be good for the health of me and my baby. I hope you have understood the situation well and request you to give me permission of working from home. Please have a look at my doctor’s certificate and medical record attached. Your appreciation and support in this matter will be of great help to me.


This message is being written to seek your permission to work from home due to pregnancy. I am suffering from migraine and high blood pressure which has put my pregnancy at risk. I have not been allowed to travel even 1 kilometer. During this entire scenario, I cannot continue working on a daily basis. It would be easy for me to work from home if I would allow doing so. I will continue to work with the same passion and vigor and will update you daily. I will remain available via video call and email. The doctor’s note is attached to the message. Waiting to get a positive response from you.


This is to state I am having serious complications during the start of my pregnancy, and I know that I will not be allowed to take maternity leave so early. However, it is becoming difficult for me to come to the office daily and therefore pledge you to give me permission of working from home. I can execute all the tasks well this way and you will not get any complaints. To avoid further impediments, my doctor has advised me to do so. My medical certificate is affixed with this message. Kindly let me know when I can start working from home. Your cooperation will be highly praised.

Request Message to Work from Home due to Pregnancy