One Week Leave Message for Family Event


This message is to ask you for one week’s leave due to an important event in my family. My younger brother is getting married on the 22nd of this month and I have to keep an eye on all the things. To make the event more meaningful and memorable, our family has planned to visit the Netherlands. I can provide online help to you during this time through emails and phone calls. I will also make the arrangements for replacement during my absence if my request gets approved. Mr. Neil has well understood my work’s nature, and he can easily assist in all the important matters. It would be a great favor for me if you accept this message. I will be very thankful to you.


This is to bring to your notice that there is a graduation ceremony for my daughter it in Manchester and I along with my wife am going there. I cannot come to the workplace as I am going there for seven days, and my family is also there. It will not create any inconvenience for you as Miss Steward will work on my behalf during my absence. I have completed all the important tasks for this month and the current ongoing project is about to accomplish. I will remain available all the time for any kind of assistance.


Kindly take this message as my leave from the workplace as there is a family function and I just need to attend it. I have to travel to another city, so it will not be possible for me to come daily. My participation is very necessary as all of us are getting together after many years. While I will be absent, Mr. Yang will handle my workload as he has known well about the nature of my work. I have completed all the important tasks for the week. In case of urgency, you can contact me anytime through email. Thank you for your kind assistance and consideration.


This is to let you notify you that my sister has been blessed with twin babies and she has organized a grand function to celebrate her happiness. She lives in Manchester, and we are meeting after five years. Therefore, it will not be possible for me to come back the next day. My family has planned five day stay there. So, I will not be able to attend the university. I have covered the entire syllabus for my students and their test session will start when I come back. I hope you will accept my request and will allow me one week’s leave.


This message is a reminder of my asking for seven days’ leave for you to attend my friend’s wedding. I let you know about it last month and you agreed on this. There is so much workload and ongoing projects in the office and in all this busy schedule you must have forgotten about it. Therefore, this message is a gentle reminder to you. I cannot miss the event as Jane is my childhood best friend and I have to supervise very important things about the management. I hope you will sanction my leave request. It will be your great act of kindness.


I would like to make you a formal request for seven days as I have kept a small gathering at my place and my family is coming to attend the function. I cannot come to the office for a week as I want to spend time with my family. Moreover, I was getting homesick, so we made plans for the entire week to visit different places. I assure you that after I come back to the office, I will manage the workload by working extra hours. I am hoping to get a positive response from you.


This message is a gentle reminder of my seven days’ leave from the college to attend a family function. I have to monitor all the things from the menu to inviting guests. Miss Nancy is agreed to take my classes while I will be on leave, so the students will not suffer a bit. You approved my request earlier and I am just reminding you in case you have forgotten. I hope you will consider my request. Thanking once again.

One Week Leave Message for Family Event