Message to Parents for Short Attendance


Dear parents, please be informed that your daughter, Sylvia Saxon, is not a regular student. She remains absent for days without informing her class teacher. You should have known this was not good for her overall performance. She will not be allowed to sit for exams if her attendance is below 50%. She is a bright student, and I do not want her grades to be affected due to it. I had warned her many times to be regular in class, but she did not listen to anyone. It is time for her to be attentive and punctual. Therefore, we are writing you this note to make her understand its repercussions. I hope you will understand the severity of the matter. It is a matter of your daughter’s future, so you need to be concerned about it.


I am Alice Darcy, coordinator of ABC School, and I am writing this message to draw your attention to your son’s continuous absence from school. I am sorry to let you know that his attendance is below the average level, which will affect his final grades badly. He misses classes often and does not show adequate interest in class participation. To appear in exams, he should have 50% attendance, but he is not serious in this matter. We are concerned about your child’s future and are therefore informing you to take this message seriously. I am wondering what happened suddenly—that he is lacking in studies. He needs proper counseling, and his parents are the best counselors. Kindly investigate the matter, and please call us for help if you need any cooperation.


Dear Mr. Maxwell, please take this message as an important note concerning your son’s future. I am writing this to inform you that he is not coming regularly to school, and his attendance record is very poor. He has also missed many computer classes and assigned tasks. Hen bunks classes and sits in bad company. On [mention date], we are conducting final exams, and his attendance is below average. He can fall into a difficult situation if he continues in the same position. We cannot do anything in this regard if the school administration does not allow him to sit for exams. The administration had given him many warnings, but he failed to follow punctuality. We need your cooperation in this regard to bring him on the right track.


Dear parents, this message is to bring to your attention that your daughter has a poor attendance record. We have observed drastic changes in her behavior, and therefore we are informing you. She was one of the bright students who scored well in all subjects. She has started losing interest in class assignments and shows a lethargic attitude. If she is suffering from any problem, then please sort it out, as her poor performance will lower her grades. We have sent you her class test results, and she has failed in two subjects. Kindly give proper consideration to this message and do not ignore it.


With due respect, this is to state that your son is a 7th-grade student at our school. This message aims to inform you that his attendance is very poor. He attended school only ten times this month, which is very crucial. Neither he informed his class teacher about it nor did he listen to our verbal warnings. We are sending you this note to take the matter seriously and have a proper check on him. You must know that any absence from now on will result in dropping her name from school. Kindly visit the administration office tomorrow between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. and collect your child’s monthly performance report. Thank you.


Dear parents, please note that to ensure your daughter’s good future, you need to send her to school regularly. This message intends to inform you that her attendance is not good. She often remains absent from school, which is totally unacceptable. She has exceeded the set limits we have devised. Moreover, it is unethical to not let the concerned authorities know about leave. Her final exams will be held on [mention date], and to appear in them, she needs to have 60% attendance. Kindly cooperate with us in making her attendance better.

Message to Parents for Short Attendance

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