Thank You Someone for Referring a Good Job


Dear Joey, I am writing this heartfelt note to express my gratitude to you for directing me to the media executive job. I admire your efforts in helping me choose the best field. I had given the interview, and it went well beyond my expectations. I experienced new things during the entire process, and it will help me a lot in future endeavors. I was quite nervous before appearing for the interview, but thanks to you for motivating me. I followed all your pieces of advice, and it proved quite helpful. I will definitely look for your help for the next process. Without your support, I could not have passed the initial phase.


I am writing this message to express my gratitude to you for getting me a good job at Jubilee Enterprises. I am very excited to assume my position as accounts manager, and all thanks go to you for referring me. You have made a big contribution to paving the way for my success. I am thankful that you talked with the boss about my expertise and referred me for this position. I have cleared the first two rounds with distinctive marks, and I am waiting for the joining date. I have high hopes that I will meet all the expectations the organization has for me. I am quite satisfied with the working ambiance, which has a sense of tranquility to it. I am looking forward to venturing on a new journey in my life. I need your sincere prayers for a successful career.


I am Joey Mole, and I am penning this message to pay my regards to you. You have done so much for me, and I cannot put it into words. I am very happy about the role you played in your enterprise. I was looking for this kind of job, and thanks to you for referring me to your manager. ABC Organization has good respectability in the marketing industry. Half of the process is done, and I am qualified for the next round. I am hopeful that I will get through it. I have already devised new strategies after joining your team that will prove beneficial for the organization. I am indebted to you for being with me. I cannot wait for the day when we will be working as coworkers in the ABC Organization.


Hello Stella, I hope you have been having a great time in Mindbridge. I received your email that your organization is hiring new employees for the Bank of London campaign. I always wanted to work for this campaign, but I had no good knowledge of how to give my best. Thanks to you, who guided me through each step, I was able to pass the first interview. Now there will be another interview with the project manager, and the final list will be made after this. With your help, I became quite confident that I would get through it. I will inform you after I receive a confirmation email from the company. Thank you for remembering me.


I hope you have been doing well. I am proposing this appreciation message to admire you for referring me to a vacant position in your college. I had applied to different colleges but did not receive a call from them. I had left all hopes behind, and your email proved a ray of hope for me. You proved what it means to be a true friend. My demonstration was very good, and the committee members seemed satisfied with my teaching method. Yesterday, I received a confirmation letter that I had been selected. I was in seventh heaven after listening to this news. I will join from [mention date], and I am enthralled to begin my career under kind supervision.


This message serves the purpose of expressing my warm feelings to you for securing me a good post at ABC Enterprises. I gave them an interview, and to your surprise, I have been selected as a sales officer. My training will start on [mention date], and I am super excited to have new experiences. Your favor means a lot to me, and I believe that I will cover up the areas where I was lagging.

Thanking someone for referring a job

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