Explanation for Being Absent Due to Emergency


I am writing this message as an explanation in response to your email I received yesterday. You had asked the reason for my remaining absent without bringing it to anyone’s notice. I am sorry for not letting you know about it on time. I was stuck in an emergency due to my sister’s poor health. She was 35 weeks pregnant and due to high blood pressure, she got delivery pains. We had to rush her immediately to the hospital and we all were in a grieving situation.

In a state of nuisance, I could not bring it to your notice. This was one of the most challenging times I passed through and I am incredibly apologetic for breaking office rules. I hope the situation will be apparent to you now.


Respected Sir, this message is an explanation message regarding my remaining absence on [mention date] due to urgency. I got up on [mention date] with the death news of my childhood best friend, Alice. It was difficult for me to digest this news and I immediately rushed to his place. He got cardiac arrest and on the way to the hospital, he could not survive. My phone was at home so I could not let anyone know in the office about it.

I had to arrange the funeral procession and manage other things as he was a brother to me. I hope you might understand the situation I was in. I am sorry again for not making it to your notice timely. I will manage the workload missed on [mention date]. I am thankful to you for always listening to me.


I hope you are doing well. I am Ralph and writing this message in answer to your letter I received on [mention date]. I remained absent on [mention date] due to my son’s accident. I had to drop my son at his school and crossing the road a motorbike hit him and he fell on the road. All this happened so suddenly that I went into trauma. With the help of passersby, I shifted my son to a nearby hospital.

A lot of his blood had been wasted and doctors admitted him to the emergency unit. The next five hours were very crucial for him as he was not in his senses. In all this I was just thinking about my son and no other thought came into my mind. This was the reason for my remaining absent for a few days. I hope you can understand what I had been passing through. Thanking for your kind support.


I hope you find this message well. This message details a note of my absence from the university on [mention date]. I beg pardon for hampering office policies but it all happened due to an emergency. I was getting ready for the office when my mother called me about the robbery incident that happened to her. The snatchers had possessed her car keys, important documents, and the cash amount.

Fortunately, they did not take her mobile and she called me to pick her up. I got disturbed listening to all this and rushed to my mother. When I reached there, she was weeping badly. I calmed her and dropped her at home. Till then, I was very late for the office so I could not come. I apologize for not bringing it to your notice timely. Thank you for always being a supportive mentor.


I am David Ben, working as IT Specialist in your institute. With this message, I am explaining my absence cause of [mention date]. I received your email yesterday to send you an explanatory note for not attending the conference being held on [mention date].

First of all, I am sorry to not inform you that I will not attend the office. The reason is my father fell down the stairs and his leg fractured. I attended to him for three days and could not let you know about it. I know this is an unprofessional attitude and I had to drop you an email timely. I request you to accept my apology. I make certain to let the administration know if I fall into any emergency again.

Explanation for Being Absent Due to Emergency