Excuse Message of Absence from School due to Depression


I am Molly Joe, studying in 9th grade having roll number 1111 in your ABC School. I had not been attending school for the past week and remained absent without informing priory. The reason was that some serious problems were going on in my family which made me fall into severe depression. I was not feeling good enough to socialize with anyone as my self-respect was hurt badly. Moreover, I was getting attacks of anxiety and my psychiatrist suggested to distance myself from everything. Therefore, I excuse remaining absent throughout the week. I know that my studies have been affected badly but I will take extra classes to cover up the last week’s work. If you want to ask anything in person, I can visit your office. as proof I have attached a medical certificate with this message. I hope you will understand my situation well.


Kindly accept this message as an excuse to remain absent from school from [mention date] to [mention date] due to depression. I have my sister’s wedding on [mention date] and my father was bankrupt on the same day. It gave him an immense shock and got paralyzed. I went into depression after witnessing the whole scenario as my family was passing through one of the toughest moments. I am sorry that I couldn’t inform you timely. A detailed note of the doctor with recommendations has been included with this message. The instructions of discharge are also enclosed as proof.


I hope you are doing well. I am Smith Doe, a student in grade 10th, studying in your school. I am writing this message to give you the reason for remaining absent from school for three days. There were going some problems between my parents and last Monday it turned into a serious fight. I really got disturbed by this and got a nervous breakdown. I was taken to the hospital in an emergency and the doctor said that it resulted due to depression. I was advised to take rest for two days. Therefore, I could not make it to school, and I am sorry for this. I hope that you will understand my condition and will accept this excuse message.


I would like to request to take an absence from school for seven days as I am having panic attacks due to some family problems. I consulted the doctor in his regard, and he suggested I complete rest for a few days. I am in dire need of this break as it is beneficial for my mental health. I would like to be on leave from [mention date] to [mention date]. Meanwhile, I can be contacted via email if it is urgent.


I was asked by Mr. Edward, a Physics teacher in XYZ School to give a detailed note about my reason for being absent from school. I could not come to school for two weeks as I was not in a condition to attend classes. My father, in a road accident, got major injuries and after a few hours went to his eternal abode. This was such shocking news for my family that I cannot tell in words. I went into depression and isolated myself from everything. Although, I have improved a lot still sometimes I get anxiety attacks. This was the main reason for my remaining absent from school. I will try my best to focus on my studies. I hope you will understand and cooperate with me.


This is to inform you that I remained absent from school for a week. I teach Computer Science to grades 7th and 8th in your school. I had been a dedicated and punctual teacher when it comes to my profession. I went through chronic stress due to headaches, insomnia, mood swings, stomachache, and low energy. Going through these problems made me really upset and I went into depression. I could not take classes properly in this situation as depression affects badly the way of working. I got many other issues along with depression-like chest burns, migraine, and nausea. I took the help of a psychiatrist to come out of this situation and he suggested I take a complete break from the workplace for some period and I got enough time to relieve myself from mental stress. I hope you understand that it was essential for me to take this break.

Excuse Message of Absence from School due to Depression