Employee Theft Confession Message to Boss


Despite being familiar with nobbling a dissipated deed, I am disgraceful for writing you this confession message. I know this act cannot be substantiated, but you are kind enough that I seek absolution from you. I stole Miss Julian’s gold ring from her cabin, and this regret will always remain with me. I did not do it on purpose. My mental health was not stable, and I did it to relieve my mind. I am entitled to punishment, but you did not take any serious action, and I am grateful to you. I have learned a lot from my mistake and will think of doing this again. I request you to give me a last chance to improve myself.


I am remorseful for writing you this message over the heinous stealing act. This has aggravated the office environment and made you suffer a lot. I cannot even ask for an apology as I committed a sinful act that needs no justification. I stole the project submission report to take revenge on my colleague, who had insulted me. I did not think about its repercussions and just followed my mind. You can give me any punishment for this crime. My conscience was not letting me sit peacefully; therefore, I gathered courage and wrote this confession message. Please consider it my last mistake and forgive me this time.


I am Ralph Sidney, and I am writing this message to seek an apology from you. I know my action is not forgivable, and it made me fall into your eyes. I am sorry for stealing stuff on [mention date] from your office. I cannot explain the regret I have, and whenever I think of it, I feel chagrined. I did not think, even for a while, about the consequences it would bring and let myself be degraded. I know it was difficult for you to digest the situation, but you managed it somehow.


Dear Sir, I am writing this message for theft confession, and I am sorry for this. I lost important stuff from your cabin and later got caught by security cameras. I just did it on purpose, and I had thought to keep the money back after a few days. I had to submit my daughter’s semester fee, and I was short on money. No other option came to mind than to steal the money from your cabin. I went through a lot of shame after being caught. I thank you for not letting anyone else know about it and handling the matter by yourself. After all this, I cannot face you. I am ready to receive any retribution you will suggest for this crime. You have always supported me, and I took advantage of it. I request that you pardon me for such behavior. I am anticipating a positive response from you. I am sorry once again for doing so.


I am humiliated to be writing this confession message regarding the theft incident that occurred on [mention date]. I stole the cash from the cashier’s cabinet, and I am thankful that you did not inform the higher authorities. I do not dare to meet you in person, and I am filled with embarrassment. It is wrongful to steal others’ stuff, and no one can justify this act. My wife had to go through surgery on [mention date], and I was short of money. I asked for help from some people, but they all refused. I was not given any other option than to steal it from the cashier’s cabinet. This was the biggest mistake of my life, and I have never been into it. This act requires severe retribution, but you did not call for legal proceedings. This has elevated your status in my eyes, as you saved my reputation before my colleagues. I am thankful to you for explaining to me the intensity of the situation. You made me learn the important lesson of life. I am working to improve myself, and I make certain to not do such a heinous act again.

Employee Theft Confession Message to Boss