Request to Boss for an Assistant at Workplace


With humble submission, I am penning down my request to ask for an assistant with me at the workplace. The new construction project is starting on [mention date], and we are lacking employees. With the current workers’ strengths, the project cannot be accomplished in due time. I need an assistant with me to make possible the smooth running of the work schedule. I have highlighted all the requirements that must be present in the new assistant. Your immediate response will be highly appreciated.


I am writing this message to request that you provide me with an assistant to carry out the marketing project. The company is officially starting its campaign on [date], and a lot of work still needs to be done. The pamphlets are still incomplete as I have to look after other office affairs. I request that you please arrange for an assistant who has an adequate understanding of marketing work. We are left with only two weeks, and if an assistant is not arranged, it is impossible to get the desired results. Please do something in this regard and let me know about updates as soon as possible.


Dear Sir, I hope you have been doing well. This message has been penned down to make you a request for an assistant with me at the workplace. I am working as an English teacher in your school and have four classes to teach. There are a total of 7 periods, and due to the unavailability of another teacher, I remain occupied with all the lectures. Moreover, I cannot manage all the classes because, due to the overload, I remain exhausted. My energy gets drained in the last class, and students also get affected by it. It is my request to you to please arrange another English teacher. Having an assistant will also lessen the burden, and we will manage all the classes well. Please do not ignore this message and try to resolve this issue. I would be extremely grateful to you for understanding my problem.


Respected Sir, I am David Neil, working as a field director in your organization. My job is to visit different organizations and manage fieldwork. Formerly, Mr. Hutcheon worked as my assistant, and I used to manage only fieldwork. After his resignation, all responsibilities have fallen on me. As a result, I have gradually started taking anti-depressants. This makes me active at the workplace, but we all know its side effects on a person’s health. My burden can be reduced if I have an assistant with me. Hence, the work will be equally divided between the two of us. It is my humble request that you please ponder my request and do something in this regard. I am waiting to hear positive feedback from you.


Dear Sir, I hope you find this message helpful. I am Robin Neil, and I am currently serving as a sales officer for your corporation. Due to the unavailability of staff, I have different work responsibilities. From managing accounts to dealing with customers and answering their queries, I remain extremely occupied. Sometimes, I do not find time to eat lunch properly. It is my humble request that you please arrange for an assistant to share my workload. I hope you will give kind consideration to my request.


I hope you find my message in a jovial mood. I am writing this message to draw your attention to an important matter. I have been thinking for quite a while about talking to you about it, but due to the company’s financial crisis, I restrained myself. I am working as an area manager, and it requires a lot of time and management to handle all affairs. Sometimes, I forget to attend the meetings and misplace some important documents. I am working beyond my capacity, and it is seriously disturbing my peace of mind. I remain stuck all the time in my work, and my social circle has been reduced. I am making you a formal request to arrange an assistant who will share my workload. I would be grateful to you if you accepted my request and managed an assistant on an immediate basis.

Request to Boss for an Assistant at Workplace

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