Excuse Message for not Feeling Well


I hope you are having a productive day. I am writing this to take three days’ leave due to my bad health. As you know that swimming is my favorite hobby and I daily practice it. I have got a viral infection from the pool and after coming home yesterday I was shivering as if there is extreme cold outside. After diagnosis, the doctor told me that I have been infected with a harmful virus and that for some days I will remain admitted to the hospital. Hence, It would not be possible for me to come to the office. Once I get discharged, I will return to the office to resume my duties again. I hope you will understand well my situation.


Dear Sir, I am Darcy Aden and study in my 4th year of Pharmacy. Please take this message as my excuse to remain absent from the university for five days because of my poor health. Our friend’s group had gone to Niagara Falls on summer vacation and I got food poisoning and stomachache after returning. After consulting the doctor, I was advised to avoid spicy and junk food and use vegetables only along with the prescribed medicine course. I have not been stable now and therefore request you to grant me three days leave so may I regain good health soon. Attached with this message is a note from the doctor as proof of my bad health. Thank you for your kind support.


Dear Elizabeth, I hope this message finds you in good health. I am really sorry for writing this to you that I cannot attend your graduation celebration party as I am not well nowadays. Last week, I had been struck by a car passing through our street and I got multiple injuries all over my body. I had planned fully to come to you but this happened so suddenly that I cannot be a part of beautiful moments. I hope you will understand my situation. I have sent a gift on your way and hope so it will come to you tomorrow. Please give me feedback on it soon. Wishing you more success and progress in your future endeavors.


Hello Aden, hope you are doing good in your studies. I know you will be a little sad after reading this note as I was invited to your place for dinner. I am really sorry that I cannot come today as I am having a headache since yesterday and it is not getting improved. I have an appointment with the doctor at 6 pm and I do not know how much time it will take there. Moreover, I couldn’t sleep the whole night so I will take a nap to relax my body after visiting the doctor. I can come to your place this weekend if you do not have any important stuff to do. Please let me know about your weekend schedule and plans. I hope you will consider my situation.


Dear Sir, I am John Alexei, and teach linguistics at your esteemed institution. I am penning down this to let you know about my leave for a few days. I had got stuck in family problems for a long time and yesterday due to high blood pressure I got a nervous breakdown and immediately my family rushed me to the hospital. I remained in ICU for a few hours and now I am a little stable. Doctors told me that this is the result of intense tension and overthinking so I have been advised to rest completely and not to stress myself mentally and physically. It will take some time to get fully recovered and till then I cannot take any classes. Keeping in view the aforementioned circumstances, I hope you have understood the situation well. Thank you for taking the time to read this note.


Hello Louis, hope things are good at your side. I am really sorry to let you know that I am postponing the friend get-together party that was meant to happen today. Due to a high fever and cold cough, I am not feeling well and cannot make arrangements for the party. We can delay it for some time and I will soon let you know when I will get better. I hope you will not mind it.

Excuse Message for not Feeling Well