Doctor Note for Work Absence


I am Leon Kim, a consultant of Christopher who has been working as a media manager in your institute. This message is to ask you to grant him two weeks’ leave due to pneumonia. He will remain to admit in the hospital until he gets recovered. It would be impossible for him to attend work during these days. For you to keep his record in your office I will email you my appraisal. I am hopeful that after keeping him in intensive care for a few days he will regain health soon. You can contact me on my phone for further queries. Thanking you in anticipation for giving consideration to the matter.


This message is to let you know about the bad health of my patient Christopher who has been giving his services at your college. He had been visiting me for the past few weeks due to an unstable health condition. After keeping him admitted and doing some tests we come to know that he is having a stomach ulcer. In order to get fully recovered he will remain on medical leave for two weeks. Kindly allow his medical leave and for your satisfaction, his medical record is affixed with this message. I will remain available for all your queries if you need any additional information. I will consider this as your kind gesture if you accept this message.


I am John Baptist, head of the neuro department at ABC hospital. This message is to ask for medical leave for my patient Sylvia who has been a student of accounting at your institution. Recently she went through spinal surgery Ant now she needs rest to get fully recovered. She has been not in a condition to do any kind of work. I recommend she take proper rest and complete bed rest. Her X-ray and medical reports are attached with the message for you to have a look at. Thanking in anticipation.


Please be informed that Marlow has been visiting me since last month and he has been diagnosed with a throat infection and muscle fatigue. Kindly excuse him to work for two weeks from [mention date] to [mention date] with immediate effect. He needs extreme care and isolation as his disease can easily be transferred and there is a danger of his fellow workers being affected by the germs. I have recommended two weeks’ leave and want him to spend his time taking healthy diets and fluids. He will visit me for a follow-up on [mention date] and I hope he will be recovered completely. All this can only be possible if he takes extreme care. For further queries. You can contact me my email. Thanking in anticipation.


I am writing this message on behalf of my patient Christopher who works as an assistant manager in your institute. He visited me a few days ago and after getting his tests done he has been diagnosed with kidney stones. If not treated timely it can be of great problem and he needs immediate treatment. I am recommending three weeks’ leave to get fully recovered and after the follow-up on [mention date], I will let you know if he needs any further leave. Keeping in view his condition I request you give my patient three weeks’ leave. His medical record from our hospital has been attached to this message.


This message has been written on behalf of Christine Jones who is currently admitted to ABC hospital due to a contagious viral disease. I am her doctor and I have recommended her medical leave for the period of fifteen days as she has a severe viral infection and as a result got black spots all over her body. She is under my observation and to get rid of this viral infection she needs proper rest and care. As he works in customer support, there is a high risk of transferring this disease to others as well. Apart from the viral infection, she is fine so she will be recovered within two weeks. she will visit me for a follow-up on [mention date] and I will make the final report after that. You can contact me anytime to know more about her health condition and medical reports. Thanking you for giving kind consideration to this request.

Doctor note for work absence

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