Excuse Message to Boss Due to Chronic Pain Condition


I would like to make a leave request for five days due to backache. In the house shifting, I carried heavy things that resulted in a sprained back. I used a home remedy to lessen the pain, but it did not affect me well. I visited the doctor, and he has suggested some precautions as any negligence can have severe outcomes. I will take complete bed rest during this time and will avoid carrying any weight. I have four sessions of physiotherapy starting today. Therefore, I request that you exempt me from work and grant me five days of leave. I am also attaching the doctor’s prescription with this message. Please let me know if you need additional information.


I am writing this message to inform you of my health condition. I need one week’s leave from [mention date] to [mention date], as I slipped downstairs. I bumped into the wall, and my head started bleeding. Luckily, my brother was at home, and he took me in an emergency. The doctor told me that a little delay in rushing me towards the hospital could lead to immediate death. My treatment is continuing at ABC Hospital, and I will be discharged probably on [mention date]. I request that you approve my leave request. Please do let me know if it requires documented proof, and I will provide a medical certificate.


I am Jessica Louis, giving my services as floor manager of ABC Campaign. I am writing this to bring to your attention that I am unable to walk due to an abscess on my right leg. At first, it appeared as a small blister, and I did not notice it. Gradually, it increased in size, and I felt pain all over my body. I visited a doctor, and he recommended a small surgery to remove it. Although the appointed date is [mention date], I cannot walk even a little, hence it would not be possible for me to attend the office. I hope you will understand my condition and sanction my leave request.


I hope things are going well on your side. I am writing this message to seek your permission for one week’s leave. As you know, my shift timings have changed from [mention date], and I could not find transport easily while going back home. I bought a Vespa and was practicing it with my friend, but suddenly I got imbalanced and fell in the middle of the road. I luckily survived and only had minor injuries. I have a lot of pain all over my body and need two days of rest to recover properly. I need your support in this regard.


I am Matthew Star, serving as a technical support officer in your organization. I am writing to bring to your attention that for the past three days, I have been unwell, and experiencing severe backaches and leg injuries. While lifting the weight, I could not balance my body, and my back got sprained. I fell off the ground and suffered some leg injuries. I am not in a condition to attend the office. I would be thankful to you if you allowed me to schedule off until [mention date]. As soon as I recover, I assure you that I will get back to work. Please let me know if you need further documentation, such as a medical note, to support my absence. I will be thankful to you for your understanding.


With due respect, this is to ask you to please allow me three days’ leave from the workplace owing to a poor health condition. I got food poisoning last night, which resulted in severe diarrhea and vomiting. I was admitted to the hospital last night and got initial treatment. Due to dehydration and vomiting, I am not in a condition to attend the office. The doctor has suggested three days of complete bed rest for a complete recovery. Please go through the medical note attached to the message as proof.

Excuse Message to Boss Due to Chronic Pain Condition