Vacation Leave Request Message for Various Reasons


I hope you have been having a great day. I am writing this message to seek your permission for vacations from [mention date] to [mention date]. I had many paid leaves racked up and I want to utilize them as this is the end of the year. My maternal family lives in New Jersey and I will visit them. Mr. Amen, the focal person has assured me that he will handle my work affairs during my absence. Hence, you will not have any inconvenience. If you have any concerns then please let me know. I am looking forward to hearing positive from you.


Respected Sir, on [mention date] I talked to you about my vacation plan and you agreed then to relieve me. I am writing now to have confirmation of my leave request. My stay in Manchester will be for seven days from [mention date] to mention date]. I have accomplished all my weekly tasks and I have also made possible ground works for you to not have vexation during my absence. I can be reached through email if there is urgent work that needs to be done. Please respond to me on an immediate basis as I have to confirm my hotel booking and flight. I would be thankful to you for your cooperation.


I am Joseph Neil and giving my services for the post of marketing analyst. I am writing this message to consume the leaves that are left on my calendar. I have an urgent piece of work in another city and I need to go there immediately. My presence is a must there and therefore I request you to please allow me these leaves. I need leave for seven days and I assure you that after returning I will handle all affairs. You know well that I am obedient and hardworking and I do not take unwanted leave. I will wait to get a positive response from you.


This message serves to inform you about my accumulated leaves and I want to avail them. I discussed this with you in our last meeting and you agreed to grant me the leaves. If you remember I had taken only ten days’ leave for my wedding as we had to accomplish an important project then. I want to take my wife on the Northern areas trip and we are planning to leave on [mention date]. You can contact me at any time if something needs my immediate attention. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.


Respected Sir, hope everything is going well around the corner. My daughter has recently completed her graduation and I have promised to take her to Italy after she completes her education. Now it is the time to fulfill my promise and I will be taking her on [mention date]. I have made all the preparations and now just need your permission. I have forwarded all the important highlights of my presentation to Mr. Lewis who will present it on my behalf. Thanking in advance.


I am Ronald Tex and working as an accounts manager in your organization. My elder is tying the knot on [mention date] and I need a week’s leave in this regard. I have to make all the arrangements from catering and selecting the menu to entertain the guests. Moreover, I will not remain available through email and will answer all your queries after resuming office. I would be thankful to you for your kind support.


This is to inform you that from [mention date] to [mention date] I want to take leave. I need this leave to spend quality time with my wife. We both are job holders and work in different cities, so it is quite a long time that we have spent time together. My wife has come to meet me for two weeks so I want to avail my paid leaves and request you to grant me two weeks’ leave. During this time, we planned to visit different historical places and restaurants. I want to make this time memorable by spending quality time with my wife. I have executed all the pending tasks and will provide you with my assistance whenever you need it in my absence.

Vacation leave request message

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