Explanation Message for Being Late Due to Sickness


This message intends to inform you of the reason for my coming late due to sickness. I have not been feeling well for some time because of my hectic work schedule. Sitting continuously for hours had made my back weak and I was unable to walk properly. On [mention date], I was having mild pain but amidst all this, I reached the office. It took me some time to reach the office late due to backache. I know that coming office late is a violation of the company’s rules and I am sorry for this. I assure you that I will reach the office in time. I am hopeful you will understand my situation.


This message is in response to the notification I received yesterday. You had asked me to provide you details of my coming office lat on [mention date]. First of all, I am sorry that I behaved unprofessionally and did not inform you timely the exact reason. I was having a headache on [mention date] but I did not make it an excuse to take leave. I took medicine for pain relief but it was not helpful. On the way to the office, I went to the doctor’s clinic for a checkup. When I reached the office, I was two hours late. I always try to be punctual and very concerned about office policies. I am sorry that I put a wrong impression on you.


I am extremely sorry for coming office late on [mention date] and Mr. Samson was overwhelmed dealing with more customers than usual. I take full responsibility for the negligence done on my part that caused a nuisance situation. I woke up on [mention date] with a stomachache and I left for the office without medicine. On the way, I had a nauseated feeling and I rushed towards a nearby clinic.

When I reached the office, I was two hours late. Mr. Kelvin, CEO of our company was on a visit that day and my late arrival put the wrong impression on him. You had asked the reason for my late arrival. I am a punctual employee and I always make sure to follow office rules. Due to sickness, I could not make it to the office on time. I hope this explanatory note will clear your doubts.


Dear Sir, I am writing this message in answer to your email I received yesterday. You were asking for an explanation concerning my late arrival at the office. I am conscience-stricken about not meeting your expectations. I reached the office late because on [mention date] I had a high fever. My medicine had a sleeping effect, so I woke up later than usual. I got ready in a hurry and rushed towards the office. I reached an hour late which agitated you a lot. I assure you that this will not happen next time and I will let you know timely.


I hope you have been doing well. This is an explanatory note mentioning the grounds for reaching the school late due to my illness. I am shamefaced for non-compliance with the school’s policies. After knowing the reason you can understand why I came late. I had got an eye infection that resulted in soreness and I recovered after a week. It had made me feeble and affected my overall health. On [mention date] I got a call from school to attend an important meeting and it required my involvement.

I was not in a position to drive but somehow I managed and reached 30 minutes late in the meeting. I have attached my medical certificate with the message as proof. Kindly let me know if you need any further explanation.


This message serves to explain to you my reason for coming office late on [mention date]. It is an employee’s responsibility to let the administration department know about an urgent situation to carry out smooth work. I was feeling numb due to muscle pain which made driving difficult for me. When I reached the office, it was very late. I admit my mistake for the dereliction of office rules. If you need more explanation, then please let me know I will provide you. I would be grateful to you for compassioning my problem.

Explanation Message for Being Late Due to Sickness