Refuse Someone You Don’t Want to Date Him/her


I hope you have been enjoying a great weekend. It was a wonderful time spent with you but I do not have the same feeling for you. I know this is a straightforward answer but I do not want to keep you in the dark. I want you to move in life with having bright future. I cannot accept your date invitation as I am not interested in these affairs. We are good friends and we will remain forever.


Dear Ifra, I am thankful to you for throwing a beautiful party yesterday. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and shared a lot of things but I cannot develop feelings for you. I am committed to someone else and I cannot deceive her. It was good to know that you like me and that we can make our friendship bond stronger. But I am sorry that we are not made for each other and I cannot come for a dinner date. I hope you will not mind it.


It is a natural thing to have love feelings for a person when you are working together for a long time. I received your date invitation last night and this message is in response to your invitation. I just take you as a good friend and this is enough for me. We have very different views about things and our personality is different from each other. Our mindsets do not match and this can cause big trouble in the future. I respect your feelings for me but politely denying you will hurt you a little. You have an amazing personality and every girl wants to be with you and I believe in good friendship. If you want to be friends with me then I welcome you wholeheartedly.


You are the best girl I have ever met in life and I respect you. But it does not make me fall in love with you. I am not a person who believes in love. I was surprised to get to know about your feelings for me. You were asking me to come on a dinner date with you but I am sorry that I am not interested in you. It is always fun to be around you but I do not have any romantic feelings for you. It is good to inform you timely what I feel for you than to deceive you. I hope you will respect my decision.


Thanks for making me feel comfortable and amazing last night. I appreciate the efforts you make in keeping me happy and this has increased your respect in my heart. I always feel secure whenever I am around you but I think that we cannot keep this relationship forever. I love your personality and beautiful nature but I cannot consider your date proposal. I always take you as one of my good friends and nothing else. I am sorry if it may hurt you but I do not love you. You deserve a better person who loves you the way you are.


You are no doubt an exuberant person but I do not feel for you. I appreciate your courage and opening your heart to me but I am sorry we cannot go on a date. I always respect you and take you as my sincere colleague. I am already married to the love of my life and I cannot think of leaving him at any rate. I will always respect you but only as a friend. I hope you will understand the matter. Wishing you good luck in all your future endeavors!


I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I am writing this message to let you know that I cannot accept your proposal. You want to take me on a date but I am not mentally prepared for all this. It requires a lot of commitment and understanding from each other and I do not want to indulge in these things. The only thing that currently matters to me is my career and I want to make the future bright. I beg my pardon for breaking your heart but I know you will understand what I want to say. You will always be my good friend and I have great respect for you.

Refuse Someone You Don't Want to Date Him-her

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