Absence Excuse Message for Wedding


Dear Ifra, please accept this message as my formal apology for staying absent from work for 3-days. I had to attend an important wedding in another city. I could not inform the HR department because I did not plan to go but my family insisted on me accompany them. I acknowledge my mistake and I am willing to pay the penalty for this.


Dear Inshal, I would like to extend my heartiest apology for not coming to the office yesterday. I had to attend my sister’s wedding and although it was a family event that required me to be present for more than a day, I still came today so the business does not face any loss. I hope you will be considerate towards my leave as I have been towards the company.


Dear ma’am, I am writing this message with great regret as I could not make it to the office yesterday and on top of it, could not inform you of my absence as well. My friend got married yesterday and insisted on me being his best man. While I do understand how significant these days are for the company, I, however, had no other choice but to be at my friend’s wedding. I request you to be kind and not take any disciplinary actions against me.


Dear Aida, I understand you must be furious over my absence from such an important company event yesterday but please give me a chance to explain myself. My neighbor’s daughter was getting married tomorrow and the venue he booked for it was struck by lightning yesterday amidst the unexpected thunderstorm. He asked me to help him and I could not say no because his daughter’s wedding would have to be canceled otherwise. I hope you will accept my excuse that I did this in good faith and not be mad at me for this.


Dear Meezes, I apologize for my unavailability yesterday. My best friend got married yesterday and I was his best man. It was inevitable for me to attend the wedding and deliver the speech. I request you to pardon me this time and not take any corrective action against me. I promise to make it up to you this weekend by doing unpaid overtime on Saturday.


Dear Rosamund, I understand it was very unethical and unprofessional of me to not come to the office yesterday despite committing to deliver the presentation. My cousin got married yesterday and despite my excuse, he insisted that I attend the wedding as his best man bailed out at the 11th hour. He had no one but me to be his best man. I had no other option but to save my cousin from humiliation. Kindly accept my apology for my absence.


Dear Shalez, I would like to offer a heartfelt apology for not making it to the office yesterday. In my defense, I had to attend a family wedding that I previously had no plan to. You know I have been quite vigilant when it comes to company ethics hence, I request you to accept my apology for this unnoticed leave yesterday.

Absence Excuse Message for Wedding