One Hour Break Message from Office for Urgent Work


Dear Inshal, something urgent has cropped up at my home and I need to attend to it immediately. Kindly give me one hour break from the office and I shall be quick to return and complete all the due tasks for today. I will appreciate your cooperation.


Dear ma’am, please accept this message as my formal application for leave for one hour from the office today at 4 pm. My friend is coming from a different country and his flight is arriving at 4 pm. He has only me to pick him up from the airport. Kindly allow me one hour’s leave and I promise I will complete the remaining work tomorrow.


Dear Wood, I put my car on auction today at 3 pm as I wanted to upgrade my vehicle. The auction starts at 3 pm, therefore, I need to be there by 3 pm. I have completed all the tasks for today and request you to give me one hour’s leave at 2 pm so I could make it by 3 pm. I appreciate your cooperation.


Dear Hameez, I have been working on the project you allotted me today when out of the blue I received a call from my real estate agent who is selling my home. Someone wants to buy my home immediately. Hence, I need to attend to the client right now. I request you to allow me one hour leave so I could quickly attend to the issue and return to work.


Dear Aida, I would really appreciate it if you could give me a one-hour break right now from work. I have been on the computer since 8 am while doing my research for our Singapore client’s file. But now I just remembered that I had a parent meeting at my daughter’s school. Please allow me one hour left for that and I promise I will get back to the research.


Dear Ifrah, please accept my message as my formal request to apply for one hour’s leave from work right now. I have had food poisoning for two days and despite taking medications, I still feel something’s not right in my stomach. It is not allowing me to concentrate on the work. Therefore, it would mean a lot to me if you could allow me one hour break right now so I could rest. I promise to complete today’s tasks after I resume my duty.


Dear Chinko, I just received a call from my son’s school. The principal has called me to his office to discuss my son’s grades. I would need one hour break at 1 pm so I could make it back to the office within this time as well. I will truly appreciate your cooperation in this regard.


Dear Sabrina, I was about to come to your office to get approval for a new design I just made when I received a call from my father’s hospital asking me to come immediately. I request you to give me one hour break so I could attend to my father’s and see if everything’s okay.

One Hour Break Message from Office for Urgent Work