Apology Messages for Uninformed Leave


This is to request to please accept my apology for the uninformed leave I availed myself on [mention date]. It was not possible for me to report to work as I had met an accident and remained hospitalized before [mention date]. I remained unconscious the next day and for this reason, could not contact you. Now my condition is stable and I have reported to the workplace. Please go through the discharge letter and doctor’s note attached to this message. Thank you for considering my apology.


With this message, I want to apologize for taking leave without permission on [mention date]. Although I had a solid reason for the leave still I seek forgiveness as it was my responsibility to send you a leave message. I am a cardiac patient and on [mention date] I got sudden pain in the heart and was taken to hospital and for this reason, I could not let you know timely. I request you to take into account my apology. It will be your great act of kindness.


I have been working as a sales officer in ABC Organization since [mention date]. I had been in Brooklyn to attend the wedding of my close relative a few days ago. Unfortunately, I fell seriously ill after attending the event and remained hospitalized. For this reason, I remained absent without informing. I am really sorry for not submitting the leave application timely due to health issues. I request you to please not take disciplinary action against me for remaining absent without informing me.


I remained absent from the workplace for five days as I fell seriously ill. I could not even send you a leave note. However, this message is to bring to your notice that all this was not done intentionally. My illness put a drastic impact on my physical and mental health; as a result, I remained in hospital for three days. With such a pathetic condition, I forgot to tell you about my sickness. My family was also worried about my health to let you know about my absence cause from the office. I am regaining good health now and have resumed my official tasks from today. However, I regret not letting you know about this time, and for this, I request you to consider my apology. I assure you that such a negligent act will not be repeated in the future. I shall be very grateful to you for understanding the matter.


This message is in regard to seeking an apology for not making it to the workplace on [mention date]. I know how much inconvenience it has caused you as I did not inform you before time. the company does not expect such an unprofessional and unethical attitude from its employees, and I am apologetic for the aggravation I made. The reason was that I had an appointment with a doctor but for next I make sure that I will inform you timely. I will not repeat this act again. I request to please not report this matter to HR and apologize for my mistake. Thanking in anticipation.


This message is an apology note for my not coming to the office on [mention date]. I am sorry that the company lost a treasured customer because of me. I was meant to be professional and reliable as an executive manager but I let my coworkers down due to my actions. All this happened because of my father’s sudden illness. I found my father lying on the floor in an unconscious state and I reported him to the hospital immediately. Upon reaching, the doctor told me that his two nerves have been damaged due to a brain hemorrhage and the next few hours are very crucial for him. This was very shocking news for me and I was not in a condition to leave a message for you. But now he has been discharged and I n a stable condition so I reported working. I hope you will understand the matter and will excuse me.


This message is an apology note for not informing you before time about my absence on [mention date]. My son had fallen on the school’s playground due to a heat stroke and I was called from school to pick him up immediately. In a hurry, I could not inform you and rushed to the school to take him to the hospital. I hope you will understand why I could not inform you timely. His medical report is attached with the message as proof. I would be thankful to you for accepting my apology.

Apology message for uninformed leave