Maternity Leave Message to Employer


This message has been written to bring in your kind information about my intention of availing of the dispensing maternity leave allocated to me. I am planning to take maternity leave from 25th January and will be back in the office by 22nd March. This is a tentative date except for any unanticipated problem arising due to delivery and pregnancy. If due to some reasons my plan alters, I will let you know as early as possible. I have attached the relevant letter confirmed by the doctor along with this message. In case of additional information, you can contact me, I will provide you all.


I am Nancy Meredith, working as managing director in ABC Organization Brooklyn’s Branch. I have been expecting for the past five months and writing this message to ask for maternity leave. The doctor has given the expected delivery date for the upcoming week starting from 22nd August. I plea you to please give your consent to my maternity leave for the above-mentioned period as per the policy of the company.


Hello Sir, I have been an employee of your company for the past five years. As you may know that my pregnancy is about to end in the next two weeks. As suggested by the doctor, my due date is 13th March, and I am intending to avail my maternity leave. Mr. Sheriff can carry out all important tasks during my absence. I have let him know in detail some important highlights of my ongoing project and they need to be accomplished on daily basis. I will be highly thankful to you for giving your kind attention to this matter. Looking forward to getting a positive reply from you.


This message serves to bring in your kind notice my request for maternity leave. it has been mentioned in the policy of organizations for female employees that they can avail maternity leave. I want to take these leaves with the effect from July 22, 2055, to September 29, 2055. I am hopeful that you will sanction my leave request. As considerably I will be on long leaves, I have devolved Miss Jennifer with my duties and responsibilities. In case there comes an unmanageable situation, you can contact me via the email address or phone number.


I am writing this message to let you know of my pregnancy and I want to take the 12 weeks of maternity leave that is available to me. I intend to take leave from 3rd August and will be back in the office on 22nd October. I am trying my best to accomplish all the ongoing projects before my maternity leave starts. I will try my level best to make all the developments related to clients and projects. For your added convenience of you, I am delegating Miss Havisham my responsibilities and he will provide all kinds of assistance to you. If due to some reason my plan alternates, I will let you know. Thank you in advance for providing me the time to make me prepared for birth and adjust as a newborn baby’s mother. I have attached a letter from the doctor along with this message that confirms my pregnancy. In case you need additional clarification, you can let me know.


This message aims to bring in your kind information that I am 36 weeks pregnant and intend to take maternity leave. I can continue working from home till my due date and as per the company’s policy for females, I want to take three months’ leave. I assure you that after coming back to the office I will continue working with the same potential and eagerness. Mr. John can take hold of my projects during my absence, and he is the best recommendation for this. He will not disappoint you at all. If you are agreed to this, then please let me know so we may address him.


I am writing this message to let you notify about my pregnancy and I am intending to avail maternity leave available to me. Before my leave starts, I will make every possible effort to accomplish all high-priority projects. Jessica has been my copartner in running several campaigns and we have worked closely, and I am hopeful that she will manage my affairs well. I will be very thankful to you for assisting me.

Maternity leave message to employer