Apology Messages for Submitting Fake Documents to Company


Dear sir, I am writing this message with deep regret and embarrassment for submitting fake documents to you. I must acknowledge that I was desperate for this job as I have been applying for various positions but failed to acquire one. With this one, I assumed it will lend me the job if I add some additional certifications to my resume, but I was wrong. I am deeply ashamed and have vowed to never reiterate this action. I hope you can forgive me and not disclose this to anyone else. I will really appreciate you for that.


Dear Madam, I truly apologize for submitting fake documents to the HR department for my promotion. I don’t know what overpowered me and made me do it. You know as well that my record has always been clean in this company, and I have never cheated on the business. I request you to kindly forgive this as one timer as I promise not to repeat this heinous act. Thank you!


Dear boss, please accept this message as my formal apology for submitting fake documents. The fact of the matter is that my cousin made these fake documents as a prank, and I had them saved on my computer. Somehow, they got mixed and I confused them for my real documents and ended up submitting them to you. I request you to let it go this time as I will be very careful the next time. Thank you!


Dear boss, there are no right words to express the ember as sent and the guilt I am experiencing for submitting fake documents to you to stand out in your eye. Ironically, I did stand out but in a negative sense. I just wanted to make you proud as I always have but I failed the last project and could not embrace it. I deeply am remorseful about it and truly regret doing this immoral act. I request you to kindly consider all the dedication and hard work I have been giving to this company before taking any disciplinary action against me. I shall be very much obliged to you for your kindness.


Respected boss, I am truly ashamed of what I did yesterday. Only when the HR department emailed me informing me of the fake documents, I realize the blunder I have committed. Thing is, I had these documents for a different purpose, but I mistakenly submitted them to you. It was in no way intentional, and you know my record as well, I have always been an honest employee of the company. Kindly forgive me this time and I shamal be careful from the onwards.


Respected sir, it is not easy for me to face you after the dishonest crime I committed but I must express the deep guilt and regret I am feeling. I would like to truly apologize to you for what I did even though I understand it is not a forgivable crime. I, however, promise to you that I will never reiterate it and always be a loyal and honest employee of the company. I am willing to pay the price for my action but also request you to have some mercy on me as I am already much ashamed and vow to never repeat myself.

Apology message for submitting fake documents to company