Apology Message of Absence due to Illness


I hope this message reaches you in sound health. I am extremely sorry for not attending school for the last few days. It was my mistake that I did not inform you in advance. Things happened so uncertainly that I did not remain in touch with the administration. You know my daily practice of swimming and I got bacterial infection and disease from there. After I came home, I was burning with a high fever. The doctor has prescribed some antibiotics and I am hopeful that after following the prescription plan I will be able to recover soon. Some of my fellows are in touch with me and they daily update me about the lectures. I assure you that I will leave no stone unturned in studying hard by the time I return to school.


Dear Sir, I am apologetic for remaining absent from [mention date] to [mention date]. I am really sorry that I could not inform you in advance as it was all unexpected. All this occurred so suddenly that I could not remain in touch even with my class fellows. After match rehearsal on [mention date], I found red patches all over my body and was running a high fever. When I reached home I was shivering with immense pain. My family was not at home at that time and before they could reach home my condition had gone worst. Doctors carried out some tests as initial treatment and it showed typhoid symptoms. I remained for a few days in the hospital and need some more days to get fully recovered. I would be really thankful to you if you take into account this apology note.


I humbly apologize for my uninformed leave on [mention date]. I was suffering from high temperature, cough, and seasonal flu. I left the school in abrupt departure as I did not want to infect my other fellow students. I apologize for not letting you know before leaving school. I had planned to let you know but you were busy conducting a meeting and I could not wait for the meeting to end. Alex has sent me your notes and I am really sorry for the uninformed absence. It is my promise that it would not occur again. I am on prescribed medicine by a doctor nowadays and taking complete rest. I will be back at school in three days. Thank you for cooperating with me.


I have been absent from school for the last five days because of a serious illness that overpowered me. You were not present in school when I left for home so I could not inform you about this. I got ill unexpectedly during a Physics lecture and started feeling constrained in my stomach. At first, I took it as a hunger symptom as I was on a fast that day. Then it reached a point that it became unbearable. I was taken to hospital and had cholera. I was in so a miserable condition that I totally forgot to let you know. However, I have been discharged and taking classes regularly. I vow to you to not repeat this mistake again and will inform you timely. It would be so nice of you if consider my apology.


I am Halley Joe and study literature at your renowned institution. This message is being written to express my heartfelt contrition for missing my university classes due to illness. I was on vacation with my family and after returning I got a sore throat and migraine. I consulted a doctor in this regard and he told me to not indulge myself in any kind of stress and relax completely and also prescribed a medicine course. I would appreciate it if you consider my apology. I promise that I will take classes in three days and will work hard to make you feel gratified. Thank you for making the time in reading this note.


Hope you find this apology note in good health. With this message, I want to convey my apology for remaining absent from the office due to illness. It was not in my interest to remain absent for so long. As you know well, we are living in a pandemic, and in spite of being cautious, I got coronavirus. During all this, I could not write a message as I was quarantined. I am really apologetic for informing you so late. I would appraise for accepting my apology. My quarantine will be completed in the next two days and after that, I would be back to work. Thank you for reading this apology message.

Apology Message of Absence due to Illness