Apology Messages to Boss for Unauthorized Leave


Dear boss, I am writing this message with deep regret for the unauthorized leave I took yesterday. You know I am a dedicated employee and always stay professional but yesterday an emergency cropped up that I could not have ignored. I sincerely apologize for that and hope you will not take any disciplinary action against me for that. I promise not to reiterate that in the future. Thanks!


Dear sir, I have no other to explain my embarrassment for taking an unauthorized leave today. My son fell seriously sick, and I had no other option but to rush him to the ER right away as my wife was traveling. I promise you I will compensate it for one day’s unpaid work. I request you not to penalize me for this as I already am going through a very hard time. Thank you!


Dear ma’am, I am extremely sorry for not showing up yesterday with no prior notice. I had an urgent errand to run, and it took 7 hours by the time I was finished. Hence, I could not join the office today. I am truly ashamed about that and willing to pay the price for it, but I hope you will not take any strict action against me. I vow to not let this happen again.


Respected boss, it is with deep regret I am writing this message to you for not showing up today without informing the HR office. I was about to leave for work when out of nowhere I started experiencing stomach cramps. Despite taking medication, I did not settle down. The pain was so severe, that I had to go to the hospital to get examined. The doctor advised me to take the day off as she put me on high seductive to relieve my pain. All of this was so sudden, that I did not even find time to inform you. I sincerely apologize for that and hope you will forgive me this time.


Honorable boss, please accept this message as my formal apology for what happened today. You already know how much I respect the company protocols and have always been a dedicated employee. However, today was an unprecedented day at home which pushed me to take unauthorized leave. Kindly accept my apology and my request to not take any disciplinary action against me.


Dear madam, it is not easy for me to write this apology message for the unauthorized leave I took today with no prior notice as I am deeply ashamed. I reckon I have already taken all of my paid leaves and I am now not authorized to take one more, but the circumstances pushed me to do so. I had a serious accident today while dropping my son to school after which I was to make it to the office today. My doctor advised me to stay home and have bed rest for the day as my legs are injured. I am truly sorry for this inconvenience and hope you will not penalize me for it as it was out of my control.

Apology message to boss for unauthorized leave