Apology Message to Boss for not Coming to Work


I would like to offer my apology for not coming to work on [mention date]. I admit that remaining absent and failing to inform before time has disorganized your performance as well as the company and other employees at large. It was an unprofessional and unmannerly attitude and I am very apologetic for any frustration, delay, and stress. I am not writing any excuse for not coming to work. If it happens next, I will thoroughly narrate the situation so that it may not put you in tough circumstances. I assure you that you will not witness this blunder on my part again.


I humbly apologize to you for not showing up to work on [mention date]. I am aware of how it has caused aggravation in the office as I was on leave without informing the boss. I was all ready to come to the office when I got an emergency call from my daughter’s school who was taken to a nearby hospital. She was not in a good condition and had many injuries so I had to see her. In a hurry, I forgot to call you. I am indeed sorry for this and I promise that such a thing will not occur again. In case an emergency occurs, I will let the management know timely. I am hopeful that you will forgive my act.


This is to apologize for my untimely leave on [mention date]. Being an employee it was my responsibility to leave a message for management but I could not find time for this. I was on my way to the office when I received a call that my neighbor has died in a road accident. I had to go to the hospital for taking his dead body from the hospital and in all this, I did not find a minute to let you notify. As he had no father and brother so all responsibility had fallen on me. I had to manage all the affairs for a few days. I hope that you have understood the situation well and will forgive me for my action. I assure you, that I will not show such inattention next time. Thanking in anticipation.


As you know already that I was absent from the workplace yesterday and did not notify you in advance of the same. This message is a written explanation of the things that did not allow me to come to work. I could not make it to the workplace as my younger daughter had got head injuries after falling from a bicycle. She was bleeding and there was no other choice for me than to rush her immediately to the healthcare institute. She was hospitalized and got discharged after one day. All this prompted me to be with her in the hospital to look after her. After she got better I reported working. I request you accept my apology. I will compensate for the work loss by working extra without any pay. As proof, I have attached her medical report with this message.


I am extremely apologetic for not coming to the office yesterday. I am really sorry that due to me we lost a treasured client. I fully understand that as a sales manager I need to present myself always as reliable and proficient but my action caused the sales team let down. The reason for this was my car was in service as it had broken down. I had thought that in the morning I will pick up the car from the service station but as I reached a lot of work still needed to be done. I tried to book a ride but it was not available in that area. So, I was left with no option but to be absent. But I assure you that it will not happen next. Thank you for your understanding.


I am writing this message regarding submitting a sincere apology for not coming to work and executing my duties on [mention date]. I am well aware of the disturbance that it may have caused as I failed to inform you and fellow workers before time. I admit that this was unethical and unprofessional of me and I am sorry for the annoyance and aggravation to you and the company. I had an appointment with the doctor that day. Next, I make sure that to avoid unfavorable situations I will let you know timely. I promise to not repeat this act again in the future. Thanks a lot for your understanding and cooperation.

Apology Message to Boss for not Coming to Work