Apology Message to Teacher for Disrespectful Behavior


Dear Sir, please consider this message as an apology for behaving inappropriately on Friday. This act requires no justification as it was against basic principles of morality, and I failed to execute mannerisms. It distracted the environment of the class and created a disturbing atmosphere. I am disconcerted by my attitude as the school’s policies do not allow such behavior on its premises. I make you certain to not repeat such acts again and you will not get a complaint against me. This was a lifetime lesson for me, and I will behave nicely from now. I know my action has disturbed you a lot and I wholeheartedly apologize to you.


I am extremely apologetic for behaving rudely with you in Physics class yesterday. I accept my mistake as it was a source of embarrassment for the entire class as well as you. The school does not allow its students to behave rudely with their teachers. I am ashamed of this as I was wrong. I assure you that from now I will be very careful and will behave politely. I will try my level best to perform and behave well. I hope you will forgive me and will accept my apology.


This message is an apology from my side due to bad behavior in Mr. Jacob’s class yesterday. I am extremely remorseful for what I did and the bad image it portrayed to the entire class and you. As a class representative, I was supposed to demonstrate a kind attitude, but I failed in executing my duties thoroughly. I can understand your feeling at that point when I shouted at you. I know that this behavior is not acceptable at all, and I behaved so out of severe depression. If next time such a situation arises, I will have full control over myself and I will not complain. I will try to behave calmly in a depressing situation. Kindly consider my apology and I am looking forward to having a positive response from you.


With deferential, I am penning down this apology note due to my bad deportment during the presentation. I was aware of it that the principal and a few other teachers are sitting there and due to a lot of work pressure and extreme stress, I could not keep myself calm and spoke loudly. I have been in this situation for the past few days and found no way to come out of it. I am shamefaced for being outspoken. I know that this act cannot be forgiven easily but you are kindhearted and lovable to your students, and I am hopeful that after this message you can understand the circumstances I was passing through. I assure you I will not repeat this act again.


I am contrite for my bad behavior the other day and I admit that I behaved in a disrespectful and turbulent way. All my teachers and classmate were extremely annoyed by my act. I was meant to be within my limits, but I lost control over myself and involved myself in the aimless discussion. I have learned a life lesson from my mistake, and I understand that I need to behave in a disciplined way. You have always been my favorite teacher and I am really inspired by your dedication and commitment to work. I hope that I can heal from this bad incident by working hardly under your kind supervision. Waiting for my apology to get accepted.


Hello sir, I am writing this apology message with a heavy heart as I was very disrespectful to you in Wednesday’s class. I was not intended to do all this as everyone is free to present his/her thoughts. I should not have shouted at you during the middle of the discussion which led to a disturbing atmosphere. After you left the class, I was extremely shameful that you faced a lot due to me. Words cannot describe the amount of grief I have in my heart due to this. You are very affectionate, and my favorite teacher, and I expect that you will forgive me. I am ready to accept any punishment you will suggest for me, and I assure you that I will have control over myself and will not behave unethically. Thanks in advance.

Apology Message to Teacher for Disrespectful Behavior