Apology Message to the Priest


I am disconcerted by not making it to you yesterday. You had organized a valuable congregation where the participation of everyone was mandatory. Despite making every possible effort I could not attend it as my father was not well and I had to look after him. I humbly apologize for causing inconvenience to you. I will catch you tomorrow and will reach out beforehand to listen to all the important chunks of yesterday’s session. Thank you for considering my apology.


I am extremely ashamed for doing very badly to you. I could not apprehend your valid points in bringing me to the right path and guiding me to be a better person. I took this as my insult and behaved ruthlessly with you. All you did was out of love and affection for me and in return, I gave you nothing. I have realized my mistake and writing this message to seek pardon for treating you badly. I was ill-mannered and discourteous. I am obligated to you for enlightening and counseling me in hard times. You are kind and forgive others easily and I hope that you will pardon my sins and again will assist me to stand firmly on the right path.


Dear pope, please consider my sincere apology for missing yesterday’s meeting. I had an appointment with the doctor, and this caused me to cancel the meeting with you. Mr. Arthur was present on my behalf to attend the meeting and he made sure to deliver all the things discussed in the meeting. Kindly consider my apology and I make sure to not miss any meetings from now onwards.


This message is a humble apology for not being able to show up at the church meeting. I had made up my mind to attend it but unfortunately, last week I met with a small injury that resulted in a fractured leg. I am on complete bed rest now for two months as my kneecap is fractured badly. In this situation, I forgot t let you know. I had prepared slides to share my viewpoint and now I am sharing it with you through email. I request you to please shed light on it in the next meeting and take feedback from others as well.

I cannot mark my presence for two months at meetings. I have become so helpless and praying for a miracle in form of a speedy recovery. Please remember me in your kind prayers. I will let you know off and on about my health. May you be blessed with eternal happiness and everlasting joy.


I humbly ask forgiveness for being the source of discontentment and making you down in the dumps because of my fierce attitude. You had shown your greatness in picking me up as your spokesperson and I disappointed you. You helped me a lot in every affair and made me learn great lessons. Words cannot be enough to show up m guilt and I’m striving hard to not do this act again. I beg your forgiveness pope for wreaking you with defacement.


May you read this message in good health. This message serves as the formal expression of regret for not attending the chancellor selection meeting of the church. This was no doubt an indispensable event where the participation of every committee member was unavoidable. I met through an emergency at the eleventh hour as my daughter had got unconscious. I had to rush her to a nearby clinic in no time and it took her three days to come to her senses. She is doing great now and moving toward recovery. I believe that after coming to know the actual reason you will consider my pardon.


I know well of your indignation regarding me, and I am penning down the message to solve the tussles. With my bad actions I stabbed in your back, but you are one of the greatest pastors I have ever met in life. You did not bow me out regardless of my unjustness. I am kneeling humbly to seek your forgiveness. In the future, I assure you that I will concentrate on my personal development and will build on my mind to abstain from displeasing you.

Apology Message to Priest

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