Apology Message to Boss for Fake Documents


This message serves as an apology to you for submitting my fake documents at the time of joining. I know that I have shown a shameful act and I am apologetic for this unprofessional attitude. This act made you disappointed. The training I had taken was for three weeks, but I submitted a fake document of three months of training. Although I had not harmed anyone physically, this act has made me fall in my coworkers’ eyes. I have admitted my mistake and feel remorseful for doing so. I am prepared to get this certificate after three months of training. I request you to please accept my apology. I will not repeat this mistake again. I have talked to Mr. Lewis; the CEO of the accounts department and he has gone through my profile. Your response will be much appraised.


With the help of this message, I would like to express my apology for submitting fake documents. It was totally unprofessional, unethical, and disrespectful and you were not expecting it from me. Although this apology cannot regain my position and I ensure you that the same incident will not occur again. I value your professional behavior and believe that I will continue to behave professionally which would be beneficial for the organization’s success.


Respected sir, this message is being written with immense embarrassment and regret submitting fake documents. I was direly in need of this job as for the past few months I had been applying for various posts but did not acquire any seats. I thought that by doing so I would be able to get a job if I add more certifications to my resume. I have committed a great mistake and I am extremely shameful of it. I vow to you that I will never reiterate this act again. I am hopeful that you will forgive me and will disclose this to anyone. I would be highly thankful to you for that.


Respected sir, I humbly seek an apology from you for the submission of fake documents in the accounts department for promotion. I do not know what happened to me and made me do so. I have always been an honest employee in the organization and my previous record clearly shows it. I have never cheated anyone during my tenure here. I request you to please consider it my first and last mistake for doing this heinous act. It would be a great favor for me.


Dear sir, words cannot express how guilty and ember I am feeling for submitting fake documents to the HR department. Like always I wanted to make you proud, but I failed to impress you in the last project as it could not meet the desired results. I am immensely remorseful for doing such an act. Before taking disciplinary action, I request you to please consider the hard work and dedication I have given to this organization. I will forever remain indebted to you for this favor.


Dear sir, I cannot stand in person to you after my dishonest and unethical crime. I am writing this message to express my deep regret and guilt for submitting fake documents. I know this I an unforgivable crime but despite this, I seek your forgiveness. I will not repeat this act again in the future and will always remain an honest and loyal employee of the organization. I was in dire need of this promotion and thought to attain it unlawfully. I am already ashamed of it and promise to not do so. Your forgiveness will be a great moral support to me, and I will always remain obliged to you.


Please take this message as my sincere apology for the submission of fake documents. It all happened unexpectedly as my younger brother as a prank made these fake documents and I unintentionally saved them on my laptop. They got mixed with original documents and mistakenly I sent them to you. I am an honest and dedicated employee and can never think of cheating the company. I request you to please forgive me this time by letting it go and for next I would be very careful.


Respected madam, I am feeling sorry and regretful for submitting fake documents. I had given my resume to various organizations but did not get a call from there. I thought that by submitting fake documents I would be able to secure a good job in your company. I am shameful of this act and ask you to forgive me. I would be thankful to you.

Apology message to boss for fake documents