Apology Message to Girlfriend for Bad Behavior


Hello love, there were some haggard matters between us that made us disturbed a lot. It is putting a drastic impact on our love affair. Due to a lot of work pressure and mental stress, it was becoming difficult for me to evaluate my personal life and office work. Amidst all this scenario, the person who suffered a lot is you. I am really apologetic for being a source of inconvenience to you. It was my mistake to not share all the matters with you. But keep in mind that I did not forget you in all this.

You are the love of my life and my love for you cannot be fathomed. I want to patch up with you and want to enjoy the same relationship we had in the past. I request you to please consider my apology and provide me an opportunity to congregate all the things. I assure you that I will become the person you always wanted me to become.


Dear love, the thing I cannot tolerate is the thought of parting ways with you. I was into so many things, and I couldn’t find time to spend time with you. Your deprivation has made me learn so many things in life and the first one is that I am nothing without you. Life does not have any meaning in your absence. You do not like my obsession with drinking, and you were right at your place. You do all this out of extreme care and affection. I remain stressed sometimes and your thought gives me immense strength. I am apologetic for the wrong I have done to you. I know you do love me with all the disfigurements. My only purpose in life is to see a smile on your face and I cannot bear your separation. I hope you will talk to me.


Hello dear, hope things are good by your side. I am greatly disturbed nowadays because of the turmoil that was between you and me last week. You want to end terms with me and merely this thought is killing me. I am extremely shameful of breaking your heart. Your pronouncement of turning a blind eye to me was right as I deserve the same. You are an integral part of my life. When we interacted for the very first time, I had the feeling that we are meant to be together forever. I believe that one day you will find the truth and will forgive me.


I am trying to contact you for the past three, or four days but you are not responding to any of my texts and calls. After trying all the tracks, I found a way of sending this apology message to you. I am ashamed of the things I did the other day. I was wrong and I am admitting my faults. I know that each time after saying sorry I repeat those blunders again and again. You are right at your place to not talk to me. I just want to open my heart to you by saying that my life has no meaning without you. I believe that after some days you will cool down and will try to contact me. You cannot forget the love easily we have shared in the past. I am always ready to welcome you wholeheartedly and I promise that in the future, I will not commit these mistakes again.


We have been in a relationship for a long time and one thing I must admit is that you are my dream girl and only you can unburden my depression. You always remained there for me, and I adore you for your unconditional love, care, and support. You always gave me priority over everything and in return I didn’t give you the best. You accepted me with all my faults and stubbornness. It was the most gruesome act done by me to hurt you. I am really ashamed of my bad behavior. I know that words are not enough to heal your wounds, but I truly love you. You have the right to be angry with me, but I request you please not kick me out of your arms. I want another opportunity to improve myself and be the man you want me to be.

Apology message to girlfriend for bad behavior

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