Apology Message to Boss for Missing a Meeting


I am very sorry for missing an important meeting that was held yesterday with ABC Organization. My unpunctuality made us lose a very important customer. As head of the sales team, I was meant to be professional and it requires timeliness. My actions left in the lurch the entire team. I make certain that I will be never late again for sales meetings. I was on the way to the office when my car’s tire got punctured so I had to take it nearest service station. I will leave now an hour earlier to make sure my presence in the meeting before time. It will save me time even if such an emergency occurs again. Please do let me notify what I can do to make this certain to you that I love my post as sales manager and I will never let it down again. Thanking in anticipation.


Hope you have been doing great. I am extremely apologetic for not being on time for the meeting that was scheduled on [mention date]. I could not reach a timely as I had to reach my daughter’s school after getting last minute call. She had fainted in class and I had to take her to the doctor. I had informed Mr. Smith about the same but in a hurry forgot to let you know. I am immensely remorseful over my action. I hope you will consider my apology. My daughter is doing better now and will not keep me engrossed far away. I am really grateful to you for taking into account my situation.


Kindly take this message as a heartfelt excuse for not showing up for the meeting that was scheduled on [mention date]. I know how significant it was for the success of the company and I behave unprofessionally by being absent and not letting anyone know about it. I am really apologetic. I let the organization and you down and your despondency in me is justified. I can assume how embarrassing the meeting would have looked to clients. I made you feel inconvenient and it resulted in closing the share out with the opposite party. I know that my attitude was not meeting the standards of the organization and the company does not expect it from its employees. I came up with a personal problem and I had to go to another town to solve the issue. I promise that this will not occur in the future. Thanking in anticipation.


Dear Sir, I am reaching out with a humble apology for missing out on a meeting and the bad impact it put on our current project. Considering my mistake and taking time to ponder how lack of concern has affected the project’s outcome and the share I contributed to missing the deadline of our production. I have apologized personally to all other team members for the hard work they made on the project. I am extremely sorry for behaving unethically and I am well aware that the company does not expect the same from its workers. I am all ready to face any repercussions of my behavior. Thanks a lot for the time you gave to read my sorry note. I assure you that I will improve myself and contribute wholeheartedly to future projects by meeting your standards.


Please consider my apology for missing Friday’s meeting and my penitence for being absent. I was all ready to attend the meeting when at the eleventh hour I got an emergency call and was requested to rush to the hospital. My wife had been injured in an accident and it was really a shocking news for me and I was out of my mind. I rushed to the hospital and could not concentrate on anything else. This was the cause I could not inform you timely that I cannot attend the meeting. However, I have got all the updates from Mr. Jackson and have knowledge of the things that were discussed. I have started working on the pending work assigned to me and will accomplish it as soon as possible. I am really sorry once again for not attending the meeting. I am looking forward to participating actively in our future meetings. I hope you have understood the situation and will accept my apology.

Apology message to boss for missing a meeting