Thank You Message after Funeral to Friends


Dear Alice, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and helping with arrangements for my father’s funeral. Half of the pressure went off after you directed guests and in this way you lend a great helping hand to me. Without your efforts, it could not have been possible. The way you showed care for my family was all beyond expectations. Thank you so much for making all things easy for me in arranging the funeral.


It was good to see you attending my wife’s funeral despite your bad health. You reverenced my wife and me by attending her funeral. Although we do not know well each other, the cooperation you showed at the funeral made me feel lucky to have a wonderful colleague like you. It filled my heart with compassion to see you working together with my family. Thanks a lot for attending the funeral.


Thank you Charles for helping me in arranging my sister’s funeral and it could not have been done without your support. I was in real shock and had not to control over my senses but then the way you showed up and took all the arrangements in your hand burdened me from pressure. I am really thankful to you for sharing the food after the funeral with my family. All this care was beyond conjecture. Your support will always be remembered.


Hello Steward, hope you have been doing well. I am writing this message to say thanks for being supportive and arranging the meal after my brother’s funeral. Your kindness warmed my family’s heart. I am also thankful to you for the money you donated and alleviate half of my burden. Your generosity was beyond expectations and I will always remain indebted to you and it is a kind keepsake you have left in my mind. I really appreciate your donation for arranging a funeral in the church space.


Thank you Bede for your thoughtful words and support in my difficult time. I was lifted by your condolence which reached me in the darkest phase of my life. Thanks a lot for thinking of me always and attending my husband’s funeral. I really needed the person at this time to bring me out of the state of utmost shock and despair. Your sincere prayers and kind words have helped me in alleviating this big loss.


Dear Eliza, I would like to send you to thank you note for your benevolent present to my family. You made all the funeral arrangements considering Charlotte as your own sister and I am indebted to you for this. Your presence has made us pass through the darkest tunnel easily and we are inspired by your sympathy notes. Without you, it was not possible to come out of this trauma. Charlotte will be missed greatly as we have awesome memories with her.


Dear Matilda, I want to thank you for being a true and amazing companion and for the precious time we spent in each other’s company at my husband’s death, I was in sheer despair and to see you in the crowd of people gave me comfort. You always remained there for me, and I thank you for consoling me with your kind words at the funeral. Your efforts really mean a lot to me and I will always remain indebted to you.


Hope you find this message in good health. This message is penned down to say thanks to you for being with me at Aunt Jennifer’s funeral. You both shared a greater bond together and I always cherished your laughing moments with her. She had great affection for you and always used to smile at your name. Seeing you at her funeral really meant for me and I wish to have the same caring and affectionate friend like you in my life.


Hello George, this message has been sent to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to attend the funeral of my sister. You consoled me during this tough time and remained there for me. I will never forget this act of yours. The things would have been messy and convoluted without your help. During the past ten years, we have developed a strong bond and I want you to be with me on life’s road till my last breathe.

Thank You Message after Funeral to Friends