ID Badge Request Message to Boss


Respected Sir, I am John Lewis and have joined your ABC Organization as sales manager recently. I would like to request you to issue me an employee ID badge as it has been three months since I have not received it and I have to face a little difficulty entering the office. I joined this organization on [Mention Date] and my joining letter’s copy is enclosed with my particulars. Kindly let me know if there is any other document I need to submit to ask for an employee ID card. Your immediate action to my request would be of great favor to me. Waiting to get a positive response from you.


Dear Sir, I am Marlin Bud and have been working in your organization as a sales officer since [mention date]. Last month, I was promoted to sales manager and I will assume new responsibilities from coming Friday. Therefore, it is mandatory to update my information on the employee ID card and I will require a new one. Kindly let me know about the documents I have to submit for this process. I will wait for your positive response. Thank you.


I am Doe Marx and in the 3rd year of Bioinformatics at your Institute. I along with my family have shifted to Maryland and got enrolled myself in Maryland’s Campus of the university. Hence, I require a new ID badge from Maryland’s admin. My particulars have been attached along with this message and I request you to please issue me an ID card as soon as possible. Kindly let me know when I can visit the admin office to collect my ID card.


Hope you must be doing wonderful. I am Susan Lilly and working as managing director in the finance department of your organization. I am writing this message to request you to issue me a new ID badge as the previous one has been lost. I was in a supermarket where a snatcher snatched my bag and it had my all cards and cash in it. I had reported to the police station but nothing has been done yet. The security guard was not letting me in the office today due to not having the card. Therefore, I request you to give me a new employee card. I have enclosed the related documents including photographs and joining letter and a pay slip copy with this message. Please direct me when I should visit the office to have my card.


I, Alice Maxwell, have joined ABC Organization recently and this message serves to make you a formal request about the issuance of an employee ID badge. I have joined this organization as a finance executive and my employee ID is 898989. I request you to issue to please issue it on an immediate basis. I would be grateful to you for considering my request.


I, Steward Lucie, am working as a project manager in the accounts department in ABC Groups of Technologies. This message is being written to make you a formal request for the re-issuance of my ID badge as I have lost the previous one. I have been looking for it for the past week and searched for each and everything but I couldn’t find it. The option I was left with was to ask you for a new duplicate ID badge. Kindly do it at the earliest. I would be very thankful to you.


Respected Madam, I am writing this message to ask for an employee ID badge. I am Linda Ralph and have been hired recently in your institute as a laboratory assistant. as you know well that for research work, we have to visit different laboratories and institutes and wearing an ID badge is very mandatory for each worker. Therefore, I request you to direct the admin office to make my ID badge at the earliest. My ID card, photographs, joining letter, and other particulars are affixed with this message. Thanking in anticipation.


Dear Sir, I am Ralph Robinson and was hired as assistant manager in the technology department. It has been two months now but I have not received my employee ID badge. I had made several visits to the admin office in this regard but they did not pay heed to my request. Therefore, I am writing this message directly to you to ask them to make my card as soon as possible. It would be a great favor for me if you do it at the earliest. Thanking in anticipation.

ID badge request message to boss