Advance Payment Request Messages


Dear Sir, I am Joseph and working as a managing assistant in the administration office of ABC Organization. This message is to ask for half salary for next month as advance. Due to floods and heavy rainfall this year, my apartment has been damaged and needs immediate construction. If not constructed timely, it can be very problematic. I need a huge amount to meet all expenses and for the same, I am asking for advance payment. Hence, it would become easy to fix the defacement before major affliction is done. I hope you will understand the situation I am in. I would be really grateful to you for helping me out.


Please take this message as a formal request regarding advance payment for next month. I am Sushi Lawrence and working as an executive corporative in the finance department. The reason for advance payment is that the apartment I am currently residing in needs renovation and maintenance. There are several leakage points at different places. The estimated amount needed for construction is 8,000 USD and I cannot meet the expenses within the current month’s salary. Therefore, I request you for an advanced salary next month. You can deduct the payment from the remittance for the next three months. Your kind gesture will prove a great helping hand to me.


Dear Sir, this message aims to seek your approval for a 70% advance salary for this month. I want this favor to pay for my daughter’s college admission fee. If I do not pay the fee within the due date, her name would be removed from the college’s list and her whole year would be wasted. I was not in favor of advance payment but I was compelled by circumstances and had no other choice. Therefore, I request you to please consider my request. I will not forget your kind gesture.


This is stated with the humble request that I am in need of money and want half of my salary for this month as advance. My wife is in the second trimester and more than 35% of my salary is spent on her medicines. By the end of the month, I become penniless. Within the given salary, it is difficult for me to take all things side by side. I need your help in this regard, therefore I am asking for a 70% advance payment that is due in five days. I have enclosed the medical record of my wife with this message. I am hopeful that you will take into account my request.


I am Diana, working as a sales manager in the ABC department. I am writing this to you to take next month’s salary as advance for house maintenance. I will deposit a check to the company for my next two month’s salary as security. Moreover, I am tying the knot by the end of this month. In this way, it would be easy for me to complete house renovation as well as to make marriage arrangements. I would really appreciate your efforts in this regard.


Working under you has always been of great joy to me. I am giving my services as supervising director in your organization for the last five years. I am writing this message to ask for your favor as I am in real need of it. My wife’s open heart surgery is on [mention date] and in the given salary, I cannot manage the treatment expenses. I have sold my car to meet the hospital charges but still, I am short of money. There are several other expenses and I am suffering from a financial crisis. If you give me an advance salary for the next two months, all my problems will be solved. I know how supportive you are to your employees and don’t leave them alone in tough times. I hope this favor will help me to pass through a dark tunnel easily. Your support will be highly appreciated in this regard.


This message is a formal request to ask for the next two months’ salary in advance. I live in Manchester, Street 245 and the house I live in is in dilapidated condition and needs immediate maintenance. The estimated amount needed for this is $15,000 and in a short time, I cannot arrange it. Moreover, the drawing room’s roof can befall at any time so I need to repair it on the earliest basis. For this reason, I am asking for an advance salary as it is the only way to mend the issue. I request you to please do something in this regard. I will always remain indebted to you for this.

Advance payment request message