Message to Announce your Pregnancy


Respected madam, this is to let you know that I am expecting a child and have some pregnancy complications. I want to take leave in this regard that starts from [mention date] to [mention date]. I always prefer quality over quantity and this makes me distinguished from others. Before going on leave, I have handed over a report to Mr. Daniel that will make sure to fulfill your requirements. I cannot remain available for online assistance; therefore, you can seek help from my team members to assist you. Kindly do tell me if you have any questions that need an immediate response. I will lend my helping hand to you if the alterations may strike you. I am obliged to you for believing in me.


Hope things are good on your side. Please be informed that I consulted a gynecologist yesterday and my pregnancy report has come positive. I am in my first trimester. This message is to take your permission for two months’ leave as I have been warned of some complications. I need some rest and cannot come to the office daily. Working from home will be feasible for me as I would be able to manage all the affairs. I do not compromise over my work and you do not get worried at all about the work’s quality being affected. The doctor’s recommendation is along with the message as proof. Thank you for considering the matter.


I am Stella Max and writing this message to let you know about my pregnancy. I received an email yesterday to make arrangements for the college trip. I always wanted to be a part of it but now I am pregnant, I cannot go on the trip. I request you to make Miss Elizabeth the trip’s in charge as she is willing to take the responsibility. I have a genuine reason for not going and I hope you will understand my condition.


Dear Adam, hope you have been rejoicing in good health. I always cherish the time we used to spend together and hikes up my mood. It is indeed good news that you are getting married and I had received your invitation card. I am sorry I cannot be part of your wedding as I am pregnant. I have not been allowed to travel and nowadays I am on complete bed rest. I was waiting eagerly for your big day but I hope you will see the delicacy of the matter. Sending lots of best wishes and hugs your way.


Respected Madam, I am Angelica Rahul, and work as an accounts officer in your organization. I had not been feeling well for the past few days and I had an appointment with the doctor in this regard. My first trimester is about to end and there have appeared some unlooked-for stumbling blocks in my pregnancy. I want to take three weeks’ leave in this regard and will resume my duties after getting fully recovered. Miss Julia is all ready to work on my behalf and I have emailed her the important details. I want your support in this regard and I believe you will consider my leave request.


Please consider this message as my pregnancy confirmation message and I am planning to go on maternity leave. I have planned to carry on my job till [mention date]. I assure you that after resuming my position, the work quality will not be affected. While I will be on leave, I will respond to all your online queries. You can take my online help at any time. Please inform me if I need to fill in any other requirements to go on leave. I will make the best use of this time in taking care of my health. I have affixed my detailed plan for the leaves with the message.


Most respectfully, this is to state that I am twelve weeks pregnant. I visited the doctor for my monthly checkup and he warned me of some unforeseen impediments. I am an accounts teacher in your institute and for some time I cannot take classes regularly. I request you make arrangements for online classes as it will be feasible for me. I am hopeful that you will take the matter seriously and will respond positively.

Message to Announce your Pregnancy

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