Conference Invitation Messages


Subject: Invitation to Annual Conference
Mr. Downright, this is an invitation message for you to attend our meeting at James Hall at sharp 9:00 am tomorrow; Sept 16th,202X. We will be discussing our progress and actions to be taken for the further prosperity of our company. Please bring your constructive criticism points as well.


Hello Miss Amanda. This is a message from P.U.R. company reminding you to attend the meeting tomorrow morning at 10:15 am. To discuss important team and work updates, please come on time. Breakfast will be provided. Remember to check the agenda of this meeting sent via mail yesterday.


Mr. Duke Harris. Hope you’re well. It has come to my attention that you’ve made a master tracking chart for the meeting and have a few questions regarding our project. So, we would like you to come before the meeting time at the pre-meetup at 8:30 am. Cindy and Ana will be there as well. Make sure you bring the conference-related items so we can present them to the CEO. Awaiting your presence.


Respected Mr.Vandyke. You’re cordially invited to the semi-annual conference. The details are mentioned below.

Day: 20th September 20XX
Time: 8:15 A.M
Location: First-floor conference room

Please remember to send Amy your pre-meeting action items by noon on 19th Sept. We value your precious thoughts and ideas and hope to receive your input at this conference.


Dear Miss Amanda, this message is an invitation for you to come to join us at the conference tomorrow at noon. We will particularly be discussing the needs of our new insurance customers. We believe your analysis in this sense is highly required so please be there at the Sina Hall. Refreshments will be provided.


Subject: Conference Invitation for Thursday (Sept 16th,2022) 9:00 AM CST/10:00 AM EST: CDE Software Product Demo

MESSAGE: Dear staff, a team from CDE is coming tomorrow for the demonstration of their software at the conference. Please check your emails ASAP to find out the agenda. If any one of you wants to know anything regarding this conference, feel free to text or call me today after office hours at my number: 234-125-6723.


Dear HR. Ms. Sofia Burdette, this message is to bring your attention to the meeting being held tomorrow Thursday at 8 am sharp. Breakfast will be provided after the meeting and an agenda is attached to this message in a pdf file format. If there’s anything new, you’d like to add to this, let me know. Any amendments regarding the conference tomorrow shall be done within two hours of this message. Awaiting your response.


Respected Mr. Oliver. This message is to remind you that we’re awaiting your presence at the conference tomorrow. Please bring your valuable ideas and suggestions regarding the new clients and sales targets. Hope you arrive early to get a front-row seat. For any queries, contact Rodger.


Malcolm Heusen.

Conference invitation message

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