Informal Meeting Invitation Messages


With great reverence, this message aims to let you know about the weekly meeting of ABC Organization’s staff that will be held on 12th November in Main Hall, 2nd floor. The topic of discussion has been described briefly along with this message but if you want to add more information then you are requested to provide us your suggestions a day prior to the meeting. You have to come fully updated and prepared regarding your particular subjects. If you are not coming due to any reason then inform us and update your coworkers regarding the important points that you were going to discuss in the meeting.


Dear Mr. Jacquelyn, I would like to pay my gratitude to you for accomplishing the targets of last year by working as a team. We learned profitable lessons from our mistakes and this will help us a lot in improving through mistakes. Each new project brings with it multiple challenges that cannot be achieved without the collaboration of all the team members. In order to have a detailed discussion about the coming project and to assign each team member its particular role, on Friday, 13th November a meeting has been arranged that will be held in the company’s ground floor, room 3 at 9 am. therefore, each team head is requested to prepare a presentation covering the last project’s achievements and plans about new projects. Any further information that will provide more meaning to the meeting can be added. Hoping to see you all in the meeting!


I have always found immense pleasure in working with XYZ Group of Companies for the past ten years. In order to be more advantageous and to reach my set goals, I am arranging an informal meeting on Thursday, 3rd August. Moreover, I will be glad if you make a report on my last year’s performance and we will have a detailed discussion on it. I will add my personal points too in order to make the meeting more effective. Kindly let me know via email if you are available on the said date so may I complete the meeting requirements.


This message aims to invite all of you to the out-reaching project of Kelvin’s Enterprises. As a team, we have worked really well and I am expecting to discern what we bring about together. For this purpose, a leadoff meeting has been held on 25th December at 11 am. To join me you are requested to come to the main hall on the 1st floor. This meeting can take two consecutive hours and after that, we will have a tea party. You are requested to come fully prepared and you can ask any question regarding the project. In it, we will talk about timelines, strategies, and targets and all of you will be given their kick-off assignments. Kindly assume your meeting invitation by clicking on the provided link so may we have a precise reckoning. In case of any changes, please let me know two days prior to the meeting. Waiting eagerly to get this project accomplished!


Dear Mr. Franklin, hope you find this message in the best of your health. I am Crystal Tendon, supervisor of the finance department in XYZ Organization. I am of the view that we can assist you in finding solutions to your data entry problems and would treasure the possibility to have a meeting with you. I have added some propositions regarding time and date for your ease. Anticipating having a talk about what can be done in profound detail.


Hope this message finds you well. It’s time now to have a detailed meeting about our incoming projects. For this purpose, I have organized a meeting this Friday at 9 am. You are requested to make sure your presence is there. All the pros and cons and targets will be discussed in the meeting and it can take up to three hours. Kindly click on the link mentioned below to make sure of your presence. In case you will be unavailable on 9th November, let me know prior to the certain day. Looking forward to your presence!

Informal Meeting Invitation Message

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